Vasiliy Lomachenko was caught on camera weeping backstage following a heartbreaking loss vs Devin Haney

Vasiliy Lomachenko couldn’t hold back the tears as he retreated to his dressing room, overwhelmed by the bitter taste of defeat following his unanimous decision loss against Devin Haney. The judges’ scorecards stirred up a storm of conflicting opinions, with passionate fans crying foul and branding it a potential robbery.

Vasiliy Lomachenko

Vasiliy Lomachenko and his Lightning Footwork and Unyielding Determination Illuminate the Ring Against Haney

From the first bell, Haney exploded into action, launching a rapid-fire assault that rattled Lomachenko, landing significant shots to both head and body. Undeterred, Loma countered with lightning footwork, skillfully slipping past Haney’s jab to unleash his own devastating combinations.

The intensity reached new heights as both fighters cunningly outwitted each other throughout the thrilling bout. The fight ebbed and flowed, with Lomachenko gaining momentum in the early rounds, evading Haney’s defense and delivering a flurry of precise strikes. However, Haney refused to back down, exhibiting impressive improvements in his counter-punching game.

The dynamic shifted repeatedly, each fighter seizing their moments of dominance, leaving the match balanced on a knife’s edge as they reached the halfway mark. Entering the championship rounds, the outcome remained shrouded in uncertainty. Haney initially controlled the tempo in the seventh round, but Lomachenko, fueled by determination, fought back fiercely.

The Ukrainian warrior stormed forward, staggering Haney in the tenth round and leaving a noticeable mark around the champion’s left eye. Lomachenko’s relentless assault continued, seemingly unable to miss his target, as he dominated the latter stages of the fight.

In the Shadows of Tears: Haney’s Unanimous Triumph Over Lomachenko Sparks Controversy and Emotional Turmoil

When the final bell tolled, the crowd held its breath, awaiting the judge’s verdict. In a unanimous decision, Haney was declared the victor, with scorecards reading 116-112, 115-113, and 115-113. Lomachenko, devastated by the outcome, hid his emotions behind a towel, shielding his tears from prying cameras.

In his immediate response, Lomachenko declined to discuss the result, emphasizing the discomfort of the moment. As Lomachenko retreated to his dressing room, his tears flowed freely, recalling his son’s repeated calls, echoing the words, “And the new, and the new.”

The loss seems to have weighed heavily on his heart, making it a poignant and difficult moment for the Ukrainian champion.  While controversy surrounds the decision, both fighters showcased their unwavering spirit and left a strong mark on the sport.

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