Katie Taylor vs Chantelle Cameron: Conor Benn engaged in furious brawl with Kell Brook at ringside

Before Katie Taylor’s undisputed light-welterweight championship brawl with Chantelle Cameron in Dublin on Saturday, Conor Benn and Kell Brook engaged in a heated altercation ringside.

Benn, who hasn’t fought since being charged for failing two drug tests last year, graced the event to watch Taylor try and become a two-weight undisputed champion while fighting in Ireland as a professional for the first time.

A camera caught Benn seemingly rushing into Brook as the Sheffield-born former fighter received an interview at ringside. Brook appeared discombobulated by the unexpected shove in the back.

He proceeded to face Benn from his left side, provoking an aggressive reaction from the latter, who pushed Brook away. Both males rapidly faced each other before they were quickly pulled apart by various individuals to prevent things from escalating.

Benn was apprehended yelling at Brook as he was escorted away, while Special K appeared perplexed and decided to remain in place instead of pursuing the 26-year-old for another altercation.

Conor Benn can’t wait to face off against Special K

Conor Benn

There have been persistent rumors in recent months about a potential showdown between the two, despite Brook’s prior retirement from boxing following his triumph over long-standing adversary Amir Khan in the previous year.

Although he had previously hinted at the possibility of stepping into the ring for a final bout against Benn, Brook made it clear that a substantial financial offer would be required to entice him out of retirement.

“I think I’ve just been pushed and prodded by a fella we all know now, Conor Benn,” said Brook.

“You know, a fighter’s a fighter, it’s always in me and I love the challenges. I’d love to show this young Benn what time it is. But, obviously we’ve got to sit down with his boss, Eddie Hearn, and his manager and come up with my service fee, which is going to be quite decent” he added.

“This is my game, I’ve done it many times before and I know I had to just put myself in that prison and give myself completely and utterly to the sport and put everything into it. I am still in my mind the best welterweight, light middleweight out there, definitely in Britain anyway. Like I said, if we do sit down and I get that excitement once again and I take my slippers off and put my trainers back on then we could see me running them roads again maybe,” he further added.

Conor and his absence from the ring

On the other hand, Benn has been absent from the ring since April of last year due to the prolonged ordeal surrounding his failed drug tests.

Boxer Conor Benn

Consequently, the British Boxing Board of Control has denied him a license, preventing a potential bout with Brook from taking place in the UK.

Furthermore, last month brought the confirmation that the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) has provisionally suspended Benn, following the formal charges leveled against him. Despite maintaining his innocence throughout, Benn continues to face these allegations.

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