“I really do believe his innocence”: Olympic Boxer steps up to defend Amir Khan amid failed drug test scandal

The world of boxing was rocked when British boxer Amir Khan failed a drug test for a banned substance following his fight with Kell Brook. Khan, a former light welterweight champion, has since been banned from professional boxing for two years.

Fans around the world remain shocked by the news, expressing their disappointment and the boxer has been receiving support from prominent boxing figures. However, a former Olympic boxer has taken a different stance, showing support for Khan despite the prevailing opinion.

On Twitter, Tony Jeffries, an Olympic Bronze medalist, a former light welterweight champion, and one of the top boxers of his time, expressed his support for Amir. This controversy has caused a stir in the boxing world and is a trending topic among fans.

Tony Jeffries, who now coaches boxing, posted a clip of Khan’s interview where he discussed his situation with the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) on Twitter. In the tweet, Jeffries expressed his support for Khan.

In addition to coaching, Jeffries runs a YouTube channel where he teaches the fundamentals of boxing to his audience.

Amir Khan

Jeffries wrote, “I’m going towards popular opinion here, But I really do believe his innocence.”

Amir Khan is innocent believes Tony Jeffries 

Amir tested positive for Ostarine, a banned substance that has anabolic properties and can aid in muscle growth. Despite the positive test, the former champion insists on his innocence. Stating that he was unaware of the substance’s presence in his body.

Khan has suggested that the banned substance may have been present in a regular supplement or due to human contact. However, the UK Anti-Doping Agency (UKAD) rejected his explanation and imposed a two-year ban on the fighter.

Khan’s failed drug test has resulted in significant criticism from fans around the world.

Since testing positive for the banned substance, it appears that Amir has been the most affected. During an interview with talkSPORT, the British boxer discussed the controversy.

Stating that he struggles to maintain his weight and therefore would not take an anabolic to bulk up, as it would interfere with his weight management. Additionally, it is worth noting that Khan was informed of his failed drug test six months after his fight with Brook.

Khan further said, “All my life, I’ve been a great clean fighter. And, it happens now toward the end of my career.” He added, “It can tarnish my whole legacy.”

After his fight with Brook, Amir retired from boxing. However, in light of the controversy, he is now proclaiming his innocence and attempting to preserve his legacy.

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