Bengals’ RB Joe Mixon “recharged” after allegedly pointing gun at woman’s face and issuing threats draws criticism from NFL fans

The Cincinnati Bengals running back Joe Mixon was charged and warranted for a lawsuit filed by the victim; he ‘allegedly’ threatened to shoot her in the face, but the warrant was dismissed.

On January 21, the Bengals RB allegedly aimed a firearm at a woman’s face and threatened to shoot her in the face. The victim filed a lawsuit on account of aggravating menacing, but later, the prosecution urged the court to drop the charges and promised to find more evidence after a thorough investigation.

However, the Hamilton County Court Judge, Curt Kissinger, only dismissed the warrant and stated, “I will only dismiss the charges once I am sure the alleged victim in the case had been notified.” In the aftermath, the county was finally able to refile the complaint against Joe on Friday.

“This decision was reached following the discovery of new evidence during the investigative process,” police said in a statement following the reopening of the case. With this new development, the NFL community turned their mean eyes again on the professionals and started criticizing them all over again.

How did the fans react to Joe Mixon being recharged?

One fan became so pissed that he didn’t want him on the team when they traveled for games. “Ban him from the tour Doug!” he commented.

Another one wrote, “I speak for everyone when I say this thug needs to be banned from the NFL and put in prison for the rest of his life.”

“Thugs and the Bengals go together like peanut butter and jelly,” a fan tweeted.

Following the new development, the Bengals released a statement saying, “The club is aware misdemeanor charges have been raised against Joe Mixon and that the team will monitor the situation and refrain from further comment.”

It seems the pro bowler is having a rough offseason this year. Just this last month, a teenager was ‘allegedly’ shot in the backyard of his house. Mixon became entangled once again in the firearm issue, but that time his sister and her boyfriend seemed to be the perpetrator.

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