“His hands are down but”: Boxer Ryan Garcia discloses Alex Pereira’s plan in his title defence against Israel Adesanya at UFC 287

Ryan Garcia’s big fight day in Las Vegas is in less than two weeks, but that hasn’t stopped the undefeated boxer from getting pumped for UFC 287. Garcia gave some advice on how Alex Pereira can once again defeat his long-standing rival Israel Adesanya. 

The highly awaited middleweight title fight between Izzy of Auckland, New Zealand, and the Brazilian MMA fighter is scheduled to take place on April 8 at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida. This fight will serve as the main event of tomorrow’s UFC fight card.

What did Ryan Garcia say about Alex Pereira?

Garcia admires Pereira a lot. The 24-year-old boxer, who is currently 23-0-0 in his career, has frequently expressed his respect for the current middleweight division UFC champion. The lightweight boxer from Brazil recently discussed Pereira again, just one day before his upcoming big fight in the octagon. 

“May think his hands are down but his awareness of spacing and anticipation is what keep him safe.” Garcia said on Instagram. 

The former WBC interim lightweight champion sees parallels between Poatan’s play style and his own. In fact, King Ry discussed Pereira’s hook, which he found to be extremely similar to his own, in an interview on a popular podcast.

“I’ve never seen somebody throw a hook like me, but Pereira does throw a hook like me. He throws it where…you don’t use your legs too much. He just crack!”


Moreover, the ideal evaluation of an unbeaten boxer would serve as a powerful source of inspiration for the middleweight champion to overcome The Last Stylebender. Interestingly, Alex used to kickbox, which is how his feud with the fighter from Nigeria got started.

Adesanya had three chances to win against Alex, but he was never successful. It will be intriguing to see if Izzy can use Garcia’s knowledge of Pereira to his advantage in this situation.

Which fighter do you think will prevail when Alex Pereira and Israel Adesanya square off? Post your hypotheses and forecasts in the comments section.

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