Israel Adesanya sheds shocking light on wearing dog collar at UFC 287 press conference saying “I’m a dog on a leash about to be unleashed”

At the UFC 287 press conference, Israel Adesanya made a distinctive fashion statement. Adesanya is slated to be the main event of the pay-per-view card in Miami, where he will face off against Alex Pereira in a rematch of their UFC 281 bout from November.

Pereira secured a remarkable fifth-round TKO victory in that fight, claiming the championship and defeating Israel for the third time in combat sports, including two victories in kickboxing.

As he prepares for the upcoming MMA rematch with Pereira, Israel has stated that this will be his final opportunity to defeat him. As a result, he wore a dog collar to the press conference, proclaiming that he is a dog eager to be unleashed.

“I’m a dog. It’s a dog collar and I’m about to be unleashed,” Adesanya said.

Furthermore, Israel disregarded the significance of the belt and stated that he is solely focused on hunting down Pereira and claiming victory over him. He reiterated his “dog” analogy, emphasizing his desire to capture Pereira’s head.

“F**k the belt. I’m going to rip his head off. I’m a dog on a leash, and I’m about to be let loose,” Adesanya added.

Israel Adesanya Vs Alex Pereira: The Heat Builds Up

Israel expressed himself through his wardrobe at the UFC 287 press conference, as he is known to do. He wore a dog collar and proclaimed that he was a dog waiting to be released from his leash. Ready to hunt down Pereira and claim victory.

Israel Adesanya

Adesanya was visibly passionate and enthusiastic throughout the press conference. Emphasizing his confidence in his ability to finally defeat Pereira in their upcoming rematch. He also disregarded the importance of the belt and emphasized his primary goal of capturing Pereira’s head.

Adesanya is the favorite to win his rematch against Alex Pereira at UFC 287 on Saturday night. Despite his status as the favorite, Israel has not been complacent. He has made it clear that he is determined to remind everyone of his greatness with a dominating performance.

Israel confidence stems from his impressive record in MMA. Where he has only suffered one loss, and his past achievements in kickboxing. Where he holds a record of 75 wins and only five losses.

Israel Adesanya

In his upcoming fight, he is determined to prove himself once again and to solidify his status as one of the best fighters in the world. What is your opinion on Israel’s decision to wear a dog collar during the UFC 287 press conference?

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