“He’s like Michael Schumacher” F1 legend hails Fernando Alonso’s career comparing him to ‘The Red Baron’ in terms of dedication

Fernando Alonso’s  exceptional driving skills and vast experience in the sport have made for an outstanding start to the 2023 season with Aston Martin.

Damon Hill, the 1996 F1 world champion, appreciated Alonso’s intellect both on and off-track. The latest instance was in Melbourne after Fernando’s incident with Carlos Sainz.

While discussing Alonso’s reaction during the incident. The former F1 driver jokingly suggested that the Spaniard would make a good lawyer.

Fernando Alonso

During the incident-filled Australian Grand Prix, Carlos spun Alonso around after the second red flag. Causing him to lose positions. However, another crash on the track led to the race being stopped once again.

Seeing an opportunity, Alonso promptly communicated with his team via radio. As per the rules, if no driver had crossed the first sector before the race was stopped. Then the starting grid should remain as it was previously. He also cited the example of Silverstone in 2022.

Although this is what happened and he retained his P3 starting position. It was impressive to witness a driver recite the rules so quickly while competing against other cars. Former F1 world champion Damon believes that, due to the extensive knowledge he possesses. Alonso could potentially excel in a role beyond that of a racing driver, such as a team principal.

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Hill made a statement. “He has to become crew chief, because he would be brilliant. He just understands this game. I get the feeling that he doesn’t think it’s enough to drive, he needs to do something else. He goes from one side to the other saying: ‘can I also do the strategy? Give me more information.'”

Damon said that Fernando has been in the sport for a considerable amount of time and is so deeply involved in Formula 1 that he has become similar to Michael Schumacher. He stated:

“He’s like Schumacher, he’s invested in this, he understands it and he knows Michael Schumacher understood where the gaps were, where the opportunities were, and he took advantage of them, and the same thing happens with Fernando.”

Alonso has been performing exceptionally well since the beginning of the 2023 season. He has secured a podium finish in every race since joining Aston Martin, but it is worth noting that only three rounds of the season have taken place.

Ferrari and Mercedes appear to be the two teams that may pose a challenge to Alonso and his team on the track. As the season progresses and further developments are made, there could be several exciting events to witness.

However, this year, no one except the Red Bulls has been able to match Alonso’s driving skills on the track.

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