Venezuelan unbeaten Flyweight Angelino Cordova defies odds to score stunning upset over Angel Acosta

Angelino Cordova, a Venezuelan prodigy, defeated Angel Acosta in the main event of the Golden Boy Fight Night in Indio, California, after 10 rounds of war. The results were questionable, but not exactly what you’d call a heist. With a point deducted against Cordova in round four and the three judges giving him scores of 95-94, 95-94, and 96-93 in his favor, he was declared the winner of rounds 6, 6, and 7 according to the judges.

After defeating Axel Aragon Vega in Florida in June of last year, Cordova (18-0-1, 12 KO) now has two straight good victories on American territory. It is undoubtedly his biggest victory. He called out WBC champion Julio Cesar Martinez and Jesse “Bam” Rodriguez, who will battle Cristian Gonzalez for the vacant WBO title next Saturday in Texas. That fight took place at 108 pounds, but this one took place at 112, and it appears that he will remain at flyweight.

In the third round, Cordova received an unintentional headbutt that caused an opening near his left eye. For a punch behind the head in the fourth round, he lost one point.
The 27-year-old Cordova now has the vacant international flyweight championship of the World Boxing Organization thanks to the victory.

What did Angelino Cordova and Angel Acosta said post fight?

“I thought it was a great fight, we were two warriors inside the ring,” said Angelino Cordova. “It wasn’t an easy fight, I had to use a lot of boxing IQ. I felt that I was able to connect my punches effectively and was able to move around easily. I am open to whatever opportunity comes next.”

“I am very disappointed with the results of this fight,” said Angel Acosta. “What was most important was the work we were able to put in during training camp that was shown inside the ring. Cordova was a tough opponent, but kept hitting me behind the head. We’re going to take a brief break, and then get back to training. I felt like I won this fight, I want the rematch.”

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