Bengals RB Joe Mixon’s arrest warrant reveals more gruesome details reportedly pointed gun at woman

Offseason hasn’t even begun for the Cincinnati Bengals, and already they are facing a major issue. The team’s running back, Joe Mixon, is facing an arrest warrant issued on a count of aggravated menacing. 

According to reports, Mixon is accused of threatening a woman with the words,You should be popped in the face. I should shoot you, the police cant get me. This isn‘t the first time Mixon has had an altercation with a woman, as he was caught on video in Oklahoma for knocking a female unconscious with a punch.

Mixon has had a previous history of troubling incidents involving women. In 2014 while playing at Oklahoma, he was caught on video punching a woman, which resulted in her being knocked unconscious. The Bengals organization was aware of this when they drafted Mixon in 2017.

This season, Mixon ran for 814 yards and added 441 receiving yards. He was held to a nonfactor in the AFC Championship game on Sunday, managing only eight rushes for 19 yards.

is under contract with the Bengals until the end of the 2024 season, so this latest incident will be a major issue for the team to deal with this off-season. It is unclear at this time what kind of punishment Mixon could face, but the team will be looking to take a stance on the matter sooner rather than later.

This is yet another example of the NFL and teams having to deal with players and their offfield issues. The Cincinnati Bengals are now faced with a difficult decision to make on how to handle this situation with Joe Mixon.

Depending on the outcome of the investigation, Mixon could be facing serious disciplinary action from the team, even if he is never convicted of the crime. No matter what, the Bengals will have to be prepared to deal with the consequences of this situation, and it could easily carry over into the next season.



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  1. Why are lies being spread and printed by news organizations. It has been investigated and he is not guilty everything
    she said was untrue and he has been exonerated.
    Just because he is a Bengal

  2. Here he is supposed to be acting as a ‘hero’ for young boys and girls! Yet he’s a nasty thug!! Lock the bastard up in jail and throw the key away… He deserves no less!!
    He has repeatedly hurt women… There’s no excuse!!!


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