“I could be in a wheelchair now, him seriously destroying my life”: Kell Brook is livid with Amir Khan’s penalty following failed drug test

Amir Khan may have lost to Kell Brook in their much awaited boxing match, but after it was revealed that Amir had been abusing drugs to improve his performance, Brook is left wondering what may have gone wrong during their showdown. 

The longstanding foes entered the ring on February 19, 2022, for a long-awaited catchweight clash to end their animosity once and for all. With a powerful punch in the sixth round of the contest, Kell Brook (39-3-0, 27 KOs) defeated Amir Khan (34-5-0, 21 KOs). One year later, the Manchester battle is once more in the news as Amir tested positive for drugs.

What did Kell Brook have to say about Amir Khan testing positive for drugs?

The Sheffield native Brook recently took part in an interview with iFLTV where he discussed a variety of topics of his professional boxing career. The 36-year-old boxer, though, did absolutely nothing to conceal his actual feelings when the subject of Amir Khan’s punishment came up.

“It makes me feel sick. I have got three beautiful kids. He’s gone in there to try and hurt me on some sort of drug he’s been on. It is a f*cking joke. He needs to pay bad”

The most shameful act for any athlete in any sport is the use of any kind of performance-enhancing substance. The fact the former IBF welterweight champion still harbors resentment against his countryman for doing such a despicable act is not surprising.

Amir will pay the price since he couldn’t maintain the purity in his game. The Manchester native is given a two-year suspension by the Federation. 

“It could have been a completely different story. I could be in a wheelchair now. Him seriously destroying my life or killed me or crippled me forever. He came into that ring cheating, trying to boost himself up. Or whatever he’s done trying to get the advantage.” Brook added. 

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