Patrick Mahomes’ mom drops hint on more family turmoil with mysterious “betrayal” message

The mother of Kansas City Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes, Randi Mahomes, tweeted a cryptic message alluding to additional family problems. Despite the fact that he has never mentioned his family’s problems, it appears that the quarterback is suffering a lot as a result of internal family strife.

The 27-year-old is one of the best young players on the Kansas City Chiefs, and finished the season with 5,614 yards (5,250 passing, 358 rushings, and 6 receiving), breaking the previous record. He was an integral part of the Kansas City Chiefs’ super bowl victories in 2020 and 2023.

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What was the mother of Patrick Mahomes’ cryptic tweet?

Before a few days, Randi’s family members shared a tweet from her account asking for blessings for the chief’s mother as she was being treated in the hospital at the time.

Patrick’s mother once more became the topic of conversation after the incident continued and a recent tweet was shared. It appears that Randi mentioned either her family members or her friends by sharing a message about betrayal. The Mahomes family has not given any additional information, so it is unclear what the “betrayal” mentioned in Randi Mahomes’ tweet actually entailed.

“The worst thing about betrayal it never comes from the enemy. Humiliated is an understatement. Giving my all to God,” the mother of the QB posted in a tweet.

The tweet generated a lot of discussion on social media, and many fans and followers chimed in to support and encourage the 50-year-old.

Due to his brothers’ sexual assault, the Chiefs star previously experienced a lot of turmoil. Jackson Mahomes was accused of sexual assault after allegedly forcing a 40-year-old woman to kiss him in a restaurant. The woman was the restaurant’s owner and gave permission for law enforcement to view the facility’s security footage.

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Randi encouraged her son to pursue football seriously and work on his quarterback skills, and Jackson is also Mahomes’ best supporter on and off the field. This off-season, Patrick is under a great deal of mental stress as a result of the turmoil and displeasure surrounding his family.

We at Sportszion hope for the quarterback’s continued mental stability and on-field combativity.


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