Tom Brady’s former teammate Rob Gronkowski slams rumors of Patriots shopping Mac Jones calling it “fake news”

For many years, Rob Gronkowski and Tom Brady were teammates with the New England Patriots, and they both seem to enjoy sharing their thoughts on current team issues. On a recent show, Gronkowski debunked a rumor about Mac Jones’ trading problems that had been going around the internet.

Rob Gronkowski shares his first big splurge
Rob Gronkowski

Head coach Bill Belichick reportedly wanted to trade Jones this offseason, according to Mike Florio of ProFootball Talk. After the news spread, fans began to wonder why exactly such a great quarterback would be traded.

Such a thing could be possible because Bill appears to be unhappy with Mac’s behavior, and there is dysfunction between them. Belichick is reportedly upset that Jones sought outside advice, which irritated him during the 2022 season.

Is the trade rumor regarding the Patriots and Mac Jones true?

The trade rumor of Jones was exposed as false information after Gronkowski’s appearance on the Up and Adams show. Due to Mac’s decline under center, concerns were previously raised. Rob expressed his opinion that the 24-year-old is not solely to blame for the season’s regression because there was an excessive amount of turnover.

“I think that was fake news. The whole offensive staff was basically turned over this year. And then, if you’re shipping your quarterback, That’s just too much turnover to have in the NFL in one season and be able to compete the following year,” former Patriots said.

Patriots' Bill Belichick still upset at Mac Jones for seeking outside advice during 2022 season, per report -

Considering Jones was selected with the No. 15 overall pick in the 2021 draft, he has only had two seasons to become acclimated to the league and establish himself as a starter, though he could not show his talent compared to other quarterbacks. 

It could be one of the reasons the Patriots are looking for a better option than Mac. However, RG believes that the decision should not have been made so quickly, and he expressed his desire to give the quarterback another season to prove his worth. According to the 33-year-old, if Jones fails to prove his worth this season, the Patriots won’t be blamed for looking for a new quarterback.

Rob remarked, “In the future if Mac Jones doesn’t put it together this year with Billy O’Brien and all that, I could see that being a possibility after this season. But I don’t think that was true over this offseason so far, and I just gotta stamp that as fake news.”

The Patriots are constantly searching for a quarterback as good as Brady, so Jones’ skill set caused them to have some doubts. But during this trying time, Jones should think back to the GOAT’s words, which the QB was inspired by after the Buccaneers defeated the Patriots in 2021.

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