Logan Paul finally comes clean on $200 million scandal behind ownership of prime hydration drink

Logan Paul, the popular YouTuber who rose to fame as a WWE wrestler, and his former rival and current business partner KSI, launched PRIME Hydration with great fanfare, quickly establishing the brand as a popular choice among teenagers and pop culture enthusiasts alike.

This widespread popularity led to impressive sales figures but also sparked controversy over the brand’s ownership. In a recent podcast episode, Paul took the opportunity to address the ongoing debate and set the record straight.

Logan Paul

During the latest episode of his popular podcast, ImPaulsive, Logan was joined by his friends Mike Majlak, Jeff Wittek, and Maclin. As they engaged in conversation, Majlak shared his observations about the popularity of PRIME Hydration among teenagers, regardless of which YouTuber they followed.

Despite the controversy surrounding the brand’s ownership, it appears that PRIME has managed to build a loyal following among younger consumers, which is a testament to the effectiveness of its marketing strategy.

Paul exclaimed, “Some of them don’t even know we own it. They don’t even know we own it. That’s the greatest comment of all time. Motherf*ckers don’t think I drink it. Don’t think I own it. People think that we were picked to represent this product that already existed. It was come up with.”

He further added, “Yo, y’all are dumb as hell. This is a ground-up, from-the-bottom operation, with an entire team involved. Seriously, from the ground floor. The product didn’t even have a name.”

During WrestleMania, Logan Paul and KSI were seen promoting PRIME

The highly anticipated WrestleMania 39 event was recently held at SoFi Stadium in Inglewood, California. Featuring a showdown between Logan and WWE superstar Seth Rollins. While Paul put up a commendable performance, Rollins ultimately emerged victorious.

One of the highlights of the event was the comical promotion for PRIME Hydration, which featured Paul accompanied by an individual dressed up as a PRIME water bottle.

To the amusement of the audience, it was later revealed that the person in the bottle costume was none other than KSI, who was subjected to some brutal treatment during the segment.

Ultimately, Paul was seen carrying KSI out of the event, adding a touch of hilarity to the proceedings.

Undoubtedly, this promotional activity has provided a significant boost to the PRIME Hydration brand. Have you had the opportunity to try PRIME yet?

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