Logan Paul shares insight on KSI’s boxing coach “freaking out” over his WWE Prime stunt before WrestleMania 39

When Logan Paul is involved, it is best to be prepared for the unexpected. In this week’s WrestleMania, Logan made his last appearance in the ring. The older Paul brother, however, did not fail to entertain the spectators as he crafted a creative Mascot concept to steal the show.

At WrestleMania 39 on Sunday night, Seth Rollins faced off against Logan Paul. The Maverick had a surprise travel buddy to the SoFi stadium in Inglewood, California. The 28-year-old online sensation brought a Prime Mascot into the stadium, who was later revealed to be none other than his Prime partner KSI.

What did Logan Paul have to say regarding the Prime Mascot idea freaking out KSI’s boxing coach?

Logan in his ‘Impaulsive Podcast’ talked in details regarding how exactly they came up with such an idea in the very last minute. There was even a possibility that WWE authority will not approve the stunt. However, Maverick was confident that if there is no issues from KSI’s side, it will happen. 

“So when I pitched JJ and his team on Prime, it was like ‘hey guys, I have this idea for a drink company.’ They were like ‘yeah, sounds pretty good.’ And pitching them [on WrestleMania] had a very similar reaction.” said Logan. 

The most crucial part of making the mascot plan happen was to convince KSI’s coach as the British YouTuber-turned-boxer is scheduled to fight next month. KSI will take on Joe Fournier in a little less than two months. On May 13, the fight is scheduled to take place at the OVO Arena Wembley in London, and DAZN and DAZN PPV will stream it live.

“His boxing coach was like ‘I need to see this, I need to talk to [WWE], I need to make sure. I need releases, they were freaking out,” Logan added. 

However, KSI was super excited for the idea and so he eventually convinced his coach. On top of everything, it was all about pushing the duos energy drink business to the next level. Bringing a Prime Mascot in a house full SoFi stadium was definitely a success for the YouTube duo. 

What is your take on the Prime Mascot idea? Do you think Logan will extend his contract with WWE? Share your thoughts and predictions with us in the comment section. 


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