Brock Lesnar brutally annihilated Cody Rhodes after faking to be his tag team partner against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa

The Monday Night WWE RAW after Wrestlemania 39 was quite surprising and had fans turn their heads in disbelief. Because Brock Lesnar was scheduled to compete in a tag team match with Cody Rhodes against Roman Reigns and Solo Sikoa.

This all started after Cody’s rematch request was denied by Paul Heyman, the former asked Reigns and Sikoa for a tag team match. Roman Reigns accepted Cody’s callout and asked him about his tag team partner. Following this question, Brock Lesnar made an appearance in the ring and announced himself as Cody Rhodes’ partner.

Brock Lesnar suplexes Cody Rhodes

It is needless to say that fans were hyped for this matchup as this would mark Brock’s return to a tag team match after nearly two decades. However, that didn’t turn out to be the case and fans will have to wait much longer as the Beast Incarnate backstabbed Rhodes.

As soon as the ring entrances were over, Brock Lesnar hit Cody Rhodes with an F-5. The former WWE champion’s onslaught was not over yet as he brutally punished Cody with German suplexes and landed yet another F-5 at the steel steps. To finish it off, Lesnar even landed some vicious chair shots.

Does Brock Lesnar’s betrayal brew a new rivalry with Cody Rhodes?

Fans started drawing comparisons between Brock Lesnar’s backstabbing of Cody Rhodes to his 2012 betrayal of John Cena. What this could mean is The American Nightmare will have to wait a while for his opportunity for a rematch for the WWE titles against Roman Reigns. 

We might see a new rivalry between Brock Lesnar and Cody Rhodes and there is a likelihood that the winner will challenge Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE titles. If this turns out to be the case, it would be very interesting to see this matchup, as both the fighters are highly entertaining. 

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