‘I need more tests until I reach the final level’ KSI considers amateurs as his next opponents before facing ‘Jake m************ Paul’

KSI, a YouTube star who has since transitioned into a boxer, has been demonstrating his prowess in the ring on a consistent basis. KSI, however, is cautious about battling with Jake Paul anytime soon, preferring to confront amateurs as his next couple of opponents to hone his in-ring skills.

In 2019, the 30-year-old boxer made his pro debut against another YouTube star Logan Paul. The fight took place at the Staples Center, and he defeated his opponent, Logan Paul, via split decision.

KSI took a long break from boxing before he returned to the ring. After a break of three years, on the 27th of August 2022, he fought both Brandon Scott and Luis Alcaraz Pineda on the same night and ended up victorious in both bouts.

The British boxer was scheduled to fight Dillon Danis, but instead he went up against another YouTube star named FaZe Temperrr yesterday in the main event of Misfits Boxing 4 at Wembley Arena in London.

KSI was quick, and he used his speed to swarm all over Temperrr right from the start of the fight in order to knock him out. Despite Temperrr’s best efforts, it was clear that KSI was destined to emerge victorious in the end.

As soon as he finished his fourth professional fight with a victory, the question of who he is going to fight next was immediately brought up. The names of his potential boxing opponents were brought up, along with a great number of other questions pertaining to his boxing career, and he responded to all of them.

Discussions are currently taking place between Joe Fournier, Tyron Woodley, and Slim Albaher regarding his next fight opponent; however, KSI does not genuinely think that it will be Jake Paul so soon.

“Yes, I need to be tested,” KSI said. “I need more tests until I reach the final level. The final point: Jake m************ Paul.” said KSI

Do you think that KSI will eventually change his mind and face off against fellow YouTuber Jake Paul?

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