“I threw the fight” former UFC Welterweight Champion drops bombshell truth on loosing fight vs Jake Paul

Controversies and rumors get heated up as Former UFC Champion  Tyron Woodley looses to Jake Paul  . Both of the sensations carried the fight into a drawn-out sixth round, where Woodley was knocked out with a single devastating punch. It was very dramatic how Woodley dropped straight on his face. The fans and the crowd were agitated as a result. The supporters thought this was all staged and thought the whole thing was a major set up.

 After much investigation by fans and the media, it was discovered that Woodley wasn’t interested in talking about his ideas. He declared that he didn’t give a damn about what people thought and that he didn’t need to explain or justify himself to anyone. He continued and ended with by saying if he changes his mind , he will get back to all the questions.
  He quoted-

“I’m not talking about anything because if they’re talking about me, they’re talking. I don’t have to confront [anybody]. Some people think I’m retired, some people think I threw the fight, some people think I was upset. As long as people are thinking some s** about you, you’re in the clear,” he said

He then added that he didn’t feel like he needed to defend himself but could talk about this issue. Woodley further continued, “I don’t really get to defend myself. You guys should maybe not even try to defend yourself either.’ But I said, ‘Let me sleep on it. If I wake up and I’ve got a change of heart, I’ll let you know.”

Later on in the Interview Tyron also revealed that he was doing  14 hour shoots before his match against Paul. He said he didn’t have time and only got 2 weeks preparing for the match. He only trained in breaks . He claimed that part of what kept him occupied was filming for the well-known Cobra Kai franchise. He claimed that in order to practice, he had to rise at three in the morning, leaving the rest of the day free for shooting.

Even though He was able to make  time, but he appeared to be more committed to his acting profession more than his carrier in the UFC, and in his opinion, he was headed in the right direction.



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