“I’ll just give you the money” Laila Ali drops bombshell on ex-husband’s attempt to exploit her career

The mortifying rules of the society has caged  millions for speaking up for themselves . On an outright protest Mohammad Ali’s daughter  is stepping up to the challenge . Laila Ali one of the most  inspiration and iconic figures for women around the world is achieving feats in a game thought to be made for men.

Breaking the norms of the society  might be a herculean task but Laila Ali motivated everyone around her by showing her accolades . The rules that was binding the people into four walls also stopped her as her father and her second husband Curtis Conway didn’t like the idea of her becoming a boxer.

Laila knew from when she was very small that she had what was needed to be a boxer and after seeing 2 female boxers brawling in a major undercard. She took a major leap of faith and dove  straight into the world of boxing.  

The IBA Super Middle weight and the IWBF Light Middle weight champ has narrated her story before making her way to the induction to the  hall of fame. Laila had a very challenging start .She stated her husband didn’t like the idea of her becoming a boxer. According to her ,her 1st husband asked her to stop and he said  would just hand her the money that she would have made from fights if she quits. Laila believed  her husband  directly rejected her love for the game which led to their divorce.

Later on Laila remarried to Curtis Conoy and had two kids ,Curtis Jr who has uncanny resemblance to his grandfather and their daughter Sydney.

Regardless of every obstacle the 44 year old continued on her path to becoming one of the best boxers of the world .Through her bittersweet journey Laila eventually achieved everything that she ever wanted and her imposing physique made other fighters scared of her ,this also made Laila very frustrated because according to her she couldn’t challenge what it felt like to the extreme.


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