“I’m done, boys” Tom Brady’s ex-teammate Julian Edelman confirms not to be returning from retirement after Patriots exit

It’s time to put those rumors about Julian Edelman coming out of retirement to rest, as the former New England Patriots wide receiver has announced that he would remain retired. With all eyes on Tom Brady possibly returning to the Patriots for a 24th NFL season, there has been some talk that Edelman may come out of retirement to play with his mate, especially if Brady were to return.

During an appearance on the “Pardon My Take” podcast, Julian Edelman put all rumors and speculation to rest. “I’m done, boys,” Edelman said.  “You can’t be two years out of the game coming in at 37 with knee braces and taped ankles thinking you’re going to go out here and compete against these young bucks…. I’ve definitely got, like, seven, eight plays a game, but…”

Edelman, who retired in 2021, had an intention to come back before and even during the 2022 NFL season, but that desire has clearly faded.

The 37-year-old Edelman certainly perceives aging as a key problem for his prospective comeback to the game. He has also been retired since April 2021, which means he has spent two seasons without playing professional football.

With that being said, Julian Edelman is a 37-year-old who has the potential to come out of retirement and compete even with poor knees and everything. However, it is admirable that the future Patriots Hall-of-Famer and potential NFL Hall-of-Famer is putting his health first.

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