‘Ain’t gonna run up and fight nobody for you’ Stephen Jackson issues stern warning to Shannon Sharpe on his friendship with LeBron James

Shannon Sharpe is a huge LeBron James fan. This is why he got into a fight with the Memphis Grizzlies last January, where he got into it with Grizzlies players and Ja Morant’s father, Tee Morant.

While many believe Sharpe would go to any length to defend James’ legacy, others say that James would not do the same for him.

According to Stephen Jackson, a former NBA player, and champion, James would not fight for Sharpe as he would for The King. Sharpe’s passion for James isn’t reciprocated, according to Jackson, who told him that the Los Angeles Lakers superstar would not go to great lengths to defend Sharpe.

“LeBron ain’t gonna run up and fight nobody for you. Keep that in mind; Bron ain’t gonna run up and fight for you… Uncle Shay Shay. LeBron is not going to fight for you. I know you love him, [but] it’s not going to be reciprocated,” Jackson said in his latest appearance on Dreamers Pro Show.

Although LeBron believes otherwise. After the Lakers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies on the same day Sharpe had a heated argument with the young team, James was asked about the incident. The four-time champion stated unequivocally that he has Sharpe’s back just as much as the analyst does.

“I ride with Shannon 365 days — 366 on a leap year — 24/7. So that’s my guy. I always got his back. And he’s got mine. He can talk with the best of them, for sure,” James said.

While Sharpe did the right thing by taking accountability and apologizing for his actions, Jackson wanted Sharpe to realize that James would not have done what Sharpe did for him, which made the situation a little more awkward for Jackson.

However, James made his point by assuring Sharpe that he has his back. Shannon can now believe anyone he wants, but at least the veteran Fox Sports analyst took responsibility for his behavior on that historic night.


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