“Enough is enough” Ex-Celtics star Enes Kanter Freedom slams Joe Biden for refusing to act on Erdogan’s $500k bounty on his head

Enes Kanter Freedom blasts US President Joe Biden for failing to take action against Turkey and its dictatorship. In favor of Enes Kanter Freedom, White House Republicans have asked President Joe Biden to consider sanctioning Turkish authorities and companies responsible for a $500,000 bounty on the NBA star’s head.

Their letter says: “It seems clear that Mr. Kanter Freedom is being targeted by Turkey for exercising his fundamental rights in expressing political opinions, which are protected under the U.S. Constitution.”

As a result, they are requesting that the Joe Biden administration take significant steps to hold those Turkish individuals or businesses accountable for any serious breaches of globally known human rights activist Enes Kanter Freedom.

Following the political discussion, former Jazz, Thunder, Knicks, Trail Blazers, and Celtics big man spoke on Fox News and questioned why Joe Biden has been so silent when it comes to a bounty on an American citizen’s head.

“That’s the question we have been trying to figure out for the last two years, actually, since he [Biden] took to office,” Kanter Freedom pointed out. “To take some concrete actions because enough is enough,” he noted.

“Erdogan has been abusing not just only my rights but so many people’s. Right now, 17 thousand innocent women and almost one thousand kids and babies are growing up in Turkey jails. These people have nothing to do with politics. All I am asking for President Joe Biden is to talk about human rights violations and actually put sanctions on individuals. Turkey does not act like a NATO ally. Turkey is more Russia’s ally than America’s ally. But people are saying that’s not going to happen, Biden is afraid to take any kind of action against Turkey. It’s unacceptable.”

“But whenever I see the president of the United States, the most powerful man in the world, literally going out and trying to have diplomacy with dictatorships, that’s killing my heart,” Kanter Freedom concluded.

Kanter Freedom, who changed his last name to celebrate obtaining US citizenship in 2021, is on the Turkish government’s most-wanted list in 2023 after years of criticizing President Recep Erdogan’s dictatorship and its human rights violations.


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  1. Where were these words when Trump was president? I believe he kissed up to dictators more than any President ever. You were quiet and actually express your fondness for him.


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