“I’m down to fight you in your own damn sport” Jake Paul calls out Nate Diaz after signing deal with PFL

Jake Paul takes yet another step towards earning some credibility to his name as the Vine Star turned YouTuber signs a deal with PFL. Accusations of fixing fights and not fighting proper opponents haunted the young Paul for the longest. Which is probably why he signed with an MMA promotion as it’s easier to find opponents and contracts are usually more streamlined.

Jake, of course, didn’t have a typical signing to the organization as he also own equity in the organization. Former CFO of UFC and Paul’s business partner Nakisa Bidarian also hold a stake in the organization now with the YouTube star. Immediately after signing up, ‘The Problem Child’ set his sights on a potential bout against Nate Diaz.

The ‘undefeated’ boxer has signed the deal for a multiple-year time frame and aims to compete in a new ‘Super Fight’ division. Probably the most unique aspect of this new division is the fact that each fighter will get to earn at the very least 50% of the PPV money for each bout. The Ohio-born has also taken the role of ‘head of fighter advocacy’ through which promotion work for the fights should take place but will probably involve activism regarding fighter payment considering his past records.

As a boxer, the wannabe singer has already racked up wins against big-time UFC fighters like Anderson Silva, Ben Askren, and Tyron Woodley. But all these fighters were way past their prime and Paul’s victories against them seemed extremely controversial. Cowboy Cerrone also called out the YouTuber but the fight got turned down.

Will the Nate Diaz vs Jake Paul fight actually happen?

Nate recently retired from the UFC after beating Tony ‘El Cucuy’ Ferguson in a welterweight bout. Sometime later, Nate teased a move to Japan’s Rizin promotion though no concrete deal seems to be in effect.

Jake made a case for his fight against Nate saying, “Nate Diaz I’m down to fight you in your own damn sport it’s a two-fight deal let’s make it happen.”

“First, we box then six months later we fight MMA in the PFL smart cage and lay it all on the line. If that’s not balls, then I don’t know what is,” revealed ‘The Problem Child’ as his plans to sign a two-fight deal with Diaz that would last for around 6 months.

The boxer made no effort to hide his intentions, “I’ve already disrupted boxing and now it’s time to disrupt MMA,”

Who do you want Jake to fight first?


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