‘I’m guessing he’s a Manny Pacquiao fan’ Boxing fans blast the Japanese throwing flowers at Floyd Mayweather’s feet vs Mikuru Asakura bout

American legend hands Asakura his first KO loss in an exhibition boxing bout at Super Rizin card in Saitama. It was Mayweather’s second exhibition contest of the year and his second in Japan since his pro-fighting retirement.

Even though boxers retire around this age, Floyd “Money” Mayweather has been surprising everyone with his recent feats.

During the $20 million bout, the undefeated  American legend caught Asakura off guard right before the end of the second round. He knocked Asakura to the ground with a couple of his fast hits. The referee gave him a chance to get to his feet, but he could not answer the 10 count and the fight was waived off.

When the bout ended Mayweather thanked Rizin and the nation of Japan. Afterward left by saying goodbye and saying that he will be back.

What happened before the match was shocking when a Japanese Came up to Floyd with a bouquet in his hand, but without giving or presenting it to Floyd he threw it on the ground. This may have been insulting but the humble Floyd didn’t let it bother him, so he picked it up and shrugged off the incident.

This act has caused a lot of uproars online and has caused fans to slam the disgraceful Takushi Okuna after the Japanese disrespects Mayweather in the pre-fight ritual. Although the Twitter handle deleted the video, a lot of the fans retaliated.



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