‘I’m still trying to meet with Michael Jordan’ NBA legend Michael Jordan’s reluctance to meet with rapper Kanye West came as a shock

Michael Jordan and Kanye West are two of the celebrated names among the star world. The two are one of the bests as long as their respective industries are concerned. But, a recent incident might shake the fans from the inside. Following is a follow up of the very incident that left the fans in wonder. 

Superstar athletes rely heavily on the sale of sneakers for their secondary income. LeBron James and Michael Jordan, two legends, have made hundreds of millions of dollars from their shoe brands and endorsements.

Even Kanye West has ventured in the sneaker industry and achieved considerable fortune. Even though West and Jordan are competitors in the footwear industry, they failed to keep their “issues” between themselves.

It’s widely believed that Michael Jordan, the all-time greatest NBA player, is responsible for a permanent alteration of the sneaker industry as a whole single handedly. He was able to introduce his own line of Jordan footwear thanks to his collaboration with Nike.

Nike in collaboration with NBA legend Michael Jordan

The success of his iconic “Jordan” brand, one of the biggest sneaker brands in the world, has assisted Jordan to amass a hefty fortune. To be more specific, a fortune of over $1.3 billion! 

On the other hand, Kanye West’s Yeezys have been available for some time, they weren’t a big hit until he worked with Adidas. He was previously signed with Nike as well, but he ended the agreement because of misconduct regarding royalties.

The misconduct took place a few years ago, when Nike opted not to pay West the royalties for his shoe brand ‘Yeezy’. The former Grammy winner confirmed the fact himself, when questioned about his departure from Nike.

Kanye West, advertising for yeezy

Meanwhile, Jordan was receiving fulltime royalties from the sales of ‘Air Jordan’ sneakers from Nike.

Newsweek Special Edition Featuring MJ and Air Jordan

However, West, infamous for his controversies with other celebrities, wanted retribution for the deception by Nike.

So, Kanye briefly mentioned Jordan and his brand in one of his songs called “Facts”.

In his song, West openly insulted MJ by singing, “Yeezy, Yeezy, Yeezy just jumped over Jumpman.”

When MJ found out about the song and his inclusion in it, he became infuriated. He felt belittled and refused to even speak to Kanye West, let alone meet him.

Kanye desperately wants to meet MJ, but, its Jordan who does not want to

Kanye has been desperately attempting to meet MJ ever since the incident, but to no avail. “Jordan still won’t meet with me. I’m trying to meet with Michael Jordan, it’s like, ‘Man, it’s a song, man’“, said West.

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