“He’s a decent bloke” Kyle Sandilands’ remark on innocent boy Daniel Ricciardo came as insult for Lewis Hamilton, Max Verstappen, Charles Leclerc

McLaren’s racing driver Daniel Ricciardo, 33, may have experienced a troublesome season with his current team, but he was once seriously praised by a radio co-host who compared him with other popular drivers.

Apart from the high appreciation, the show conductor also criticized others who once mocked the Australian driver for his heartbreak in the past.

How was Daniel Ricciardo admired by a radio host?

Like other people, Formula 1 drivers experience highs and lows. The same is true of their private life, as they could break up with one individual and then find someone new, just like everyone else. But one specific radio personality doesn’t like that.

Only Pierre Gasly was seen as comfortable with Ricciardo since the start of their careers, but the Aussie never felt comfortable with any other driver other than him.

An anchor of “The Kyle And Jackie O Show,” Kyle Sandilands, condemned the practice of dating in Formula One while Daniel Ricciardo was there in 2016. In addition, he commended the Honey Badger for his continued union with Jemma Boskovich, his high school love and then he commented, Daniel’s with his high school sweetheart. He’s not like the rest of these F1 drivers who are ba*ging Rihanna and Pussycat Dolls.”

Actually, the racer who has been linked to Nicole Scherzinger of the Pussycat Dolls and singer Rihanna is Lewis Hamilton of Mercedes; furthermore, when asked about Ricciardo’s relationship, Sandilands stated on the show, “He’s a lovely bloke. He’s been with the same bird since he started school.”

The host of the radio broadcast had no idea that Ricciardo and Boskovich had reportedly broken up by that point. When prompted, the retired Red Bull driver responded, “It’s all okay. Next topic,” and the high school pair, regrettably, broke up in 2016. The Racing driver is currently with Heidi Berger.

The daughter of F1 veteran Gerhard Berger, Heidi Berger has experienced many memorable moments with her father over the decades and has never hesitated to acknowledge their relationship and the recent ‘Instagram Official’ status was achieved thanks to one of Ricciardo’s most recent Instagram photos featuring Heidi.

Gerhard Berger, a Portuguese model and boyfriend of Daniel Ricciardo, and Ana Corvo’s daughter, 25, are both aspiring actors. Additionally, she played Eva Strauss in the 2018 Austrian film “Meiberger: Chasing Minds.”

Overall, the ex-Renault driver appears to be content in his marriage to Heidi Berger. So much so that the Australian guy said that dating was his “stress buster”, since the beiginning of his new relationship with a joyful person like Heidi.


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