Is Drew McIntyre turning heel? Exploring the possibilities after the Scotsman’s cryptic message

Drew McIntyre holds a prominent position among the talents valued by WWE and is currently one of the top babyfaces in the company. He headlined the Premium Live Event ‘Clash of the Castle’ and delivered a 5-star match at WrestleMania against Gunther and Sheamus for the Intercontinental Heavyweight Championship.

However, McIntyre’s character has been somewhat stagnant lately, and with several hints at a possible heel turn. Let’s explore the potential of Drew McIntyre adopting a villainous persona after many years.

Drew McIntyre teases potential heel turn

Drew McIntyre, a tremendous performer both in and out of the ring, portrays the role of a babyface and heel perfectly. The Scottish Warrior’s rise to stardom was disrupted by COVID-19 when he conquered the beast in the main event of WrestleMania to win the WWE Undisputed Heavyweight Championship. But his victory was in front of no fans in the performance center so the fans have been longing for a run with Drew as Champ again.

After returning to face Gunther for the Intercontinental Championship at SummerSlam, in a critically acclaimed match, which he went on to lose, his character has gone nowhere. He was featured in a storyline and tag-team matches with Matt Riddle but now with Riddle fired, people have been speculating what’s next for ‘The Chosen One’.

When Drew McIntyre was promoted to the main roster from NXT, he debuted as a heel joining up with Dolph Ziggler and winning the tag-team gold. He was even dubbed as ‘The Chosen One’ by Vince McMahon as his look is perfect for a heel. The Scottish Warrior recently posted a video on TikTok teasing a heel turn with crowd favorite Broken Dreams playing in the background.

WWE hinting at McIntyre’s impending turn in recent weeks

Drew McIntyre has been a controversial figure kayfabe-wise in the WWE locker room with The New Day calling him out for abandoning Jey Uso after he suffered a beat-down courtesy of The Judgement Day. After being called out by Kofi Kingston for his cowardice last week during Miz TV, both slugged it out in the ring. The match was interrupted by The Viking Raiders and Drew went on to pin and leave Kofi to the sharks.

With The Scottish Warrior antagonizing Cody Rhodes in the past few weeks for bringing Jey Uso to Monday Night Raw, a feud between two of the biggest stars in the company only makes sense. The feud is definitely going to uplift the former WWE Tag Team Champions to a new level. Drew McIntyre’s contract is expiring in early 2024 and a new direction and clean slate is necessary to freshen things up and make Drew stay in WWE.

Do you think McIntyre should turn heel and feud with Cody Rhodes? Leave your opinions in the comments.


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