Former WWE champ reveals AEW star Bryan Danielson enjoys “weird, tantric s*x stuff”

Bryan Danielson faced off against NJPW Television Champion Zack Sabre Jr. in a dream match to determine the greatest technical wrestler of all time. Bryan emerged victorious in this highly anticipated bout, which lived up to expectations and garnered excellent reviews from fans.

Adding to the excitement, Jon Moxley joined the commentary team and shared intriguing insights into the multi-time World Champion during the matches of his Blackpool Combat Club stablemates, Wheeler Yuta and Bryan Danielson.

Jon Moxley discloses Bryan Danielson’s secrets

When Jon Moxley joined the commentary team, he delivered great insights in every match and was bouncing off well with Taz, Excalibur, and Jim Ross. It was as if a die-hard wrestling fan was given the keys to the commentary table and it was wonderful to watch. The Lunatic Fringe was equally humorous as he was insightful.

Bryan Danielson went to war with Zack Sabre Jr. which had one of the best technical wrestling sequences ever witnessed in the squared circle. He was amused by some of the sequences as did some fans who commented on how Bryan and Zack Sabre Jr. were basically doing wrestling Kama Sutra.

Bryan came out on top with a running knee to the face. Excalibur pointed out on commentary that he won with a strike so it doesn’t make him the best technical wrestler. But the dream match delivered and Jon Moxley sharing interesting tidbits on the commentary team was a joy to watch.

Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley’s friendship

The history between Bryan Danielson and Jon Moxley goes way back, as the two wrestled each other multiple times on the independent circuit before facing off in WWE, where both went on to have stellar careers. During a match at AEW Revolution, William Regal made a surprise return to join the Blackpool Combat Club, which is still going strong even with Regal jumping ship.

In an interview with Sports Illustrated Moxley revealed, “The BCC is real. It’s only been around for a year, but those guys have been my partners for like 10 years. I don’t have many close friends in the business. Danielson and Claudio, those two are on that list. They’re best friends, training partners, and I’ve spent so much time in the ring with them. The only difference was, back then, it was the opposite side of the ring.”

He went on to say how they tore the house down every time BCC members faced off against each other in a WWE ring. Despite Bryan not having a lot of time left in the ring and Jon Moxley suffering from arthritis, they’re showing no signs of stopping. The Blackpool Combat Club is one of the best things going on in wrestling right now.

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