What pregnancy scare did Tyson Fury’s wife Paris have during their seventh child? Examining the real cause

Tyson Fury and his wife Paris Fury have recently welcomed a baby boy named Prince Rico Paris Fury into the Tyson family. The Furys are already parents to 6 children and have now become parents to 7.

During the birth of their 6th baby back in 2021, there were multiple complications involved in the delivery of their daughter, Athena. Following the difficulties in the delivery of their sixth baby, the WBC heavyweight world champion has expressed concerns for the health of his wife, Paris.

What pregnancy complication did Tyson Fury’s wife face?

The birth of Tyson and Paris Fury’s seventh baby, Rico, comes two years after their daughter Athena had to be resuscitated after being born with an abnormally fast heart rate. Parishas a condition called Cholestasis, which she has to deal with every time she gives birth. Cholestasis is a disorder that results in the slowing of bile through the digestive system, which can then leak into the bloodstream, causing inflammation.

In an interview with OK, Paris Fury revealed that whenever she gives birth, the mother of seven children has itchy hands and feet which can be highly dangerous for pregnant women. After their sixth baby, Paris had reservations about having another child. She expressed hesitation, and she and Tyson discussed the matter.

Interestingly, Tyson was more concerned than Paris about having another child. Paris Fury felt relieved upon realizing that the issue with their sixth baby was a fluke. She added, “Thank god this one has come along and he’s perfectly healthy, and it went as good as can be.”

How many kids does Tyson Fury have?

The world heavyweight champion has always dreamt of having children in double digits but because of the complications with his wife, the Briton just might settle with 7 children.

Tyson Fury and Paris Fury are parents to 4 sons and 3 daughters. The eldest daughter Venezuela was born back in 2009, Valencia born in 2017, and Athena back in 2021. All four boys have the first name, Prince, with Prince John James born in 2011, Prince Tyson II in 2016 and Prince Adonis Amaziah born in 2019.

Now joined by Prince Rico Paris Fury, who is also named after his mother, Paris will have to manage without her husband’s undivided attention until the end of the year.

In September 2023, Paris Fury gave birth to Prince Rico Paris Fury. However, her husband Tyson Fury wasn’t present at the time of the birth as he was training for his upcoming bout against Francis Ngannou, coached by Mike Tyson.

Tell us in the comments your thoughts on the winner of the bout between Francis and Tyson. Also tell us your thoughts on Tyson Fury’s matchup with Oleksandr Usyk.


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