Mike Tyson explains his allegiance to Francis Ngannou with 5-words amid Tyson Fury’s sadness

Mike Tyson is training with Francis Ngannou for his upcoming boxing match with Tyson Fury. Tyson Fury and Mike Tyson share the same name, and some might expect individuals with the same name to be in the same corner.

However, Iron Mike holds a different perspective. Amid Tyson Fury’s disappointment at Mike not being in his corner, the former heavyweight champion of the world, Iron Mike, explains his allegiance to Francis Ngannou.

Mike Tyson explains his Ngannou decision

When asked about his training with Francis Ngannou, Mike Tyson revealed that Francis is going to do very well against Tyson. Mike further went on to say that Francis has the experience which is necessary to beat Tyson when asked by the interviewer about the qualities that Ngannou possess.

In the interview Mike issued some word of advice for the former UFC heavyweight champion saying that he should remember not to use his legs. Tyson further went on to say that Ngannou has a habit of not using his legs much even coming from MMA.

Mike claims the Cameroonian-French fighter to be a real power puncher. However, public opinion is not in favor of Francis as boxing enthusiasts think Tyson has the higher chance of winning the bout. However Mike begs to differ as he thinks Francis is going to do a lot better than what most people think. Mike was asked whether it is weird going against a guy with his name. Mike Tyson had the perfect answer, “This is business and he understands,” said Mike Tyson.

Fury discussed the “sad” situation involving Mike

Mike Tyson is an avid UFC fan and has followed Ngannou’s MMA career closely. However, the partnership between Francis Ngannou and Mike to face Tyson Fury may seem unusual, given that Fury was named after Tyson. While Fury doesn’t believe Tyson can train Ngannou enough in just a few months to prepare him for an elite boxing match, the ‘Gypsy King’ is still saddened by Mike’s decision to train Francis Ngannou.

In a recent interview with Sky Sports, The Gypsy King revealed his disappointment that the man and legend after whom Tyson Fury is named is now going against him and expected to lose. Tyson believes that Mike should be in his corner, but the heavyweight champion also understands that it’s purely business.

Share your thoughts in the comments on Mike’s decision to partner up with Francis Ngannou and face an individual named after him. Also tell us in the comments who do you think will take the Riyadh champion belt home on October 28.


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