Francis Ngannou vs Tyson Fury confirmed, Predator rips Dana White for botched effort to hijack fight with Gypsy King and book bout vs UFC champ Jon Jones

Francis Ngannou remains perplexed by UFC President Dana White’s attempts to undermine him as he departed from the promotion. This confusion is particularly notable considering Ngannou, the former UFC heavyweight champion, has recently secured a high-profile boxing match against Tyson Fury, set to take place this autumn.

Francis firmly believes that his accomplishments have consistently surpassed those of his previous employer, making White’s actions all the more baffling. The news broke on Tuesday that Ngannou and Fury are set to clash in a 10-round boxing match scheduled for October 28 in Saudi Arabia.

Francis Ngannou slams UFC President Dana White

Initially reported by MMA Fighting, the matchup is confirmed to be a professional bout, with the outcome officially recorded on the records of both fighters. However, it’s worth noting that Fury’s WBC title will not be at stake in this particular contest.

“For some reason, I always prove Dana White wrong — even when he’s on my side,” Ngannou told SiriusXM. “I always prove him wrong. Every single time. This is just our story.”

Francis was cognizant of White’s intentions to bring Fury into the UFC for a potential MMA bout against Jon Jones. However, this decision left the recently signed PFL competitor perplexed for several compelling reasons.

“They were ready to do Jon Jones and Tyson Fury in MMA. Why couldn’t they do Ngannou and Fury in boxing? I don’t know,” Francis said.

While numerous individuals within the UFC and a significant portion of the MMA community criticized Ngannou’s decision to part ways with the promotion and forgo a highly anticipated matchup with Jones. The formidable knockout artist only seemed to have found amusement in the face of the skeptics and naysayers.

francis ngannou

Jon Jones vs Tyson Fury MMA bout failed negotiations

Despite not stepping into the ring since December 2022. Tyson Fury has engaged in verbal exchanges with both of the latest heavyweight titleholders for well over a year.

Adding to the mix, Joe Rogan’s claim that Jon Jones would be capable of defeating Fury brought the two fighters into the spotlight.

Francis Ngannou

As previously mentioned, Tyson has been involved in heated exchanges with the last two heavyweight champions. The current WBC heavyweight champion recently disclosed that the UFC presented him with a contract to compete against Jon Jones in a hybrid fight.

Francis Ngannou was previously denied the opportunity to participate in a boxing match by the UFC before his departure. However, the change of promotions seemed to be effective as he finally landed the big money fight.

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