Jiri Prochazka apologizes to Jamahal Hill as sweet dreams forced to relinquish UFC title after Achilles injury

Unfortunately, Jamahal Hill endured a shocking injury that compelled him to vacate his title without much delay. Jiri Prochazka, who was set to face Hill, displayed compassion and sympathy towards the fallen champion.

‘Sweet Dreams’ took to his YouTube channel to share the heartbreaking news of his injury. The Czech Republican fighter, too, had experienced a similar fate in the past.

What happened to Jamahal Hill?

Hill and Jiri had been eagerly preparing for their upcoming battle in the light-heavyweight division, initially rumored to take place as the main event at a UFC pay-per-view five-rounder event at some point this year.

However, the much-anticipated fight had to be canceled due to an unfortunate injury suffered by Hill. The reigning champion ruptured his Achilles tendon, which forced him to relinquish his light heavyweight title and undergo the necessary surgery and rehabilitation program to recover from the injury.

In his UFC career, ‘Sweet Dreams’ has engaged in a total of nine fights, experiencing only a single defeat. This American fighter achieved a significant victory over Glover Teixeira at UFC 283 on January 21, securing the UFC light-heavyweight championship title.

Jiri Prochazka’s message to rival Jamahal Hill

Having gone through the experience of vacating a title himself, Prochazka understood the emotional toll it takes. The undefeated UFC fighter, expressed his empathy towards Hill by posting a compassionate Tweet, extending his sympathy and support to him.

“[Jamahal] man, I’m so sorry, I was really looking forward to our fight. I appreciate your release of the title. Only a person who has experienced this situation can appreciate such a thing.” Jiri said. 

Despite the anticipated lengthy rehabilitation process that Jamahal will likely have to undergo before returning to the octagon, he responded to Jiri’s compassionate tweet with a heartfelt message.

Hill conveyed his gratitude and appreciation while expressing his determination to not give up on their clash. He seems to maintain his desire to save the fight for future, indicating that he still has plans to face Jiri once he has fully recovered.

“Thanks Champ!!! We will have our dance for sure!!! Hold things down in the mean time and can’t wait to see you across the octagon from me!!!” Hill replied.

The 205-pound division’s championship picture remains as unstable as ever, who do you think is next in line for the title? Share with us below!

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