Tyson Fury family: Meet the seven children and wife of Tyson Fury

Tyson Fury is a family man. Who would have thought that the heavyweight champion of the world has seven kids and has been married to the love of his life for more than a decade now?

The Furys are known to be family-oriented men; they keep each one of them close and help guide each other on the right path. We can see how Tyson is constantly supporting Tommy, and vice-versa. The Gypsy King is currently training to fight Francis.

Who are Tyson Fury’s children?

Tyson Fury and his wife, Paris Fury, are the proud parents of seven kids. Their first daughter is named Venezuela, and the couple went on to have six more kids: sons Prince John James, Prince Tyson II, and Prince Adonis Amaziah, as well as a baby boy, and daughters Valencia and Athena.

The Gypsy King explained that he decided to use “Prince” before all his sons’ names and named his daughters after countries and cities. He said, “One night, while I was sleeping, I thought of Venezuela. My wife is called Paris. I’m Tyson, and [gesturing to his son] he’s called Prince John James. If the girl had a normal name, it wouldn’t fit in, would it? I wanted to call the boy Patrick, but the wife didn’t want it.”

As a matter of fact, Tyson Fury is scared of having any more kids and feels that his wife could die if they had any more.

The heavyweight champion still has to focus on his upcoming and his next massive fight with USYK set to take place in Saudi Arabia at the end of this year.

Who is Tyson Fury’s wife Paris? Exploring their relationship life

The Gypsy King met the love of his life when he was just a teenager, and the couple began their married life in 2008. Tyson has always been very vocal about how much he loves his wife and what she means to him.

In an interview with Overlap, he had this to say about her: “To have a woman who’s been with you all that time and gone through the ups and downs, the good times and the bad times… [For her] to still be there when you don’t want to be and when you’re being forced away and pushed out, that takes a very strong individual.”

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Tyson further added, “My biggest mentor in my career is probably me wife, Because without her, I would have probably went AWOL a long time ago. I’ve been AWOL anyway plenty of times but I’ve always had that loving wife relationship, sort of the backbone.”

Did you think the ferocious Gypsy King would be so family oriented at the same time, also how do you think the Fury vs Francis fight plays out do let us know.


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