Bryan Danielson likely to retire wrestling full-time next year, keeping AEW interested

Bryan Danielson’s impact on wrestling is indeed unparalleled. Recently, the AEW legend has been dropping hints about retirement due to an injury. Following the injury, he spent time with his family and underwent therapy, leading some fans to speculate about his possible retirement.

However, Bryan Danielson surprised AEW fans by returning to action last week, where he defeated Ricky Starks in a strap match at All Out. This week, during a speech, he discussed his retirement plans, which seemed more like a promise to materialize in the next year. 

Bryan Danielson likely to retire wrestling full-time next year

There’s speculation about Danielson’s wrestling future, especially in AEW. He discussed his career plans on the latest episode of ‘One Fall with Ron Funches,’ mentioning that his deal with AEW ends in 2024. He recently returned to AEW but announced his upcoming retirement on a recent episode. He promised his daughter that he’d retire when she turns seven, and she’s currently six. His daughter will turn seven next May, so fans can expect to see him wrestle for a few more months. 

He said, “I told my daughter, once she turned 7, I would start finishing up on my career — Time is running out”. Fans got worried when Danielson said the end of his wrestling career was approaching. Sources indicate that he won’t be a full-time wrestler next year and will instead serve as a special attraction in AEW. On October 1st, he is scheduled to face Zack Sabre Jr., and it remains unclear what bookings he will have after that.

Bryan Danielson

Why did Bryan Danielson quit WWE to join AEW instead?

The audience truly adored Daniel Bryan, and his iconic “Yes! Yes! Yes!” chant became famous worldwide. He desired to engage in more physical combat. Additionally, AEW provided him with the opportunity to wrestle a variety of opponents with different grappling philosophies.

He talked about that in an interview with Wrestling Observer Radio. The 42-year-old wrestler explained his choice to Vince McMahon when the WWE president questioned it, stating that he made it because he wanted the freedom to “bleed” during face-offs. 

Bryan Danielson

According to “Thesportrush”, another motivating factor to leave WWE was having the chance to spend more time with his wife and kids as it will also allow him to have a little more freedom to wrestle different people with different styles. 

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