Max Verstappen is eager to compete in new Singapore GP while Marina Bay Street Circuit undergoes significant changes

The Singapore GP is set to take place this weekend with significant changes to the Marina Bay Circuit. Max Verstappen, the dominating king of Formula 1, has been giving subtle hints about how he is excited to participate in the Singapore GP this year as it undergoes track changes. 

Singapore GP will be the 16th race of this season and will feature a lot of high action and drama because of the fact that it’s a street circuit. On top of that, because it is a night race, it is bound to be a tricky one for drivers.

Max Verstappen is excited to race in Singapore GP 

The Dutch driver, who currently races for Red Bull Formula 1 racing has been on fire as “Super Max” has achieved 10 consecutive victories in F1 making a new record and breezing through the World Championship.

The reigning F1 World Champion has stated that he is indeed eager to race in the new track layout of Singapore GP. The strongest contender in the recent season has given his reasons based on the overtaking opportunities of the new track layout and how it will make the race more exciting because of these new ways for drivers to take the lead in the Singapore GP.

Singapore GP

The Marina Bay Circuit has recently undergone several changes in recent time, and on top of the event being held at night, it’s surely going to present significant challenges to the participants.

Marina Bay Street Circuit undergoes significant changes ahead of Singapore GP

The track has undergone a major change ahead of the Singapore GP. Here is an Instagram post from alexstutchbury which very meticulously explains the new track of Singapore GP Marina Bay circuit. The turns 16-19 are off-limits due to to the construction of a new NS Square which commenced in March itself.

Singapore GP

According to Grandtournation, the turn has been changed into 379.3 meters straight, this is expected to create a huge difference in the lap times( almost dropping it by a whopping 1m 27s). It will also increase the number of laps from 61 to 63 due to the shortening of the circuit this year.

Formula 1 released a small snippet on its Instagram Handle featuring what the drivers had in mind about the 2023 Singapore GP. As we can see, they are gearing up for the Singapore GP, and this is really good news for us Formula 1 fans who have been waiting for some spicy action for the past few races this season. 

Singapore GP

The new track is sure to turn heads and this isn’t the first time its track layouts were changed, however, it has been suggested that the original track shall make a return once the construction of the new NS Square is complete. Singapore GP has extraordinary legends and importance, and it is highly anticipated that this race will carry on the legacy it has managed to accumulate. 

What do you think will happen this weekend? Do you it will be another win for Max or is there going to be a new fun memory from this race? Share your opinions with us in the comments.




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  1. Well written. Amazingly articulated.
    Although seems like Red Bull will have to work a little harder, I still consider them favourites. Also looking forward to watching Checo since he’s a lot more competitive in street circuits.
    Excited to see Lawson again too.


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