Despite only being asked for picture, Shaquille O’Neal hands out $999 gift to fan

Shaquille O’Neal can often be seen giving back to the community. He has been grateful for what he has achieved and loves to give back to people. The NBA legend is very active socially and is a well-known philanthropist.

Shaq is hard to miss when you see him in public; he is a big man and well-known across the world, thanks to his cheerful personality and his appearances on television shows as a celebrity guest and sports analyst. It’s not every day that you expect to meet Shaquille O’Neal at a local Best Buy, and it turned out to her lucky day for Kquoella Lewis when she met the NBA legend.

Fan receives a $999 phone from Shaq

For Kquoella Lewis it was just any other day when she decided to drop by a Best Buy in Lafayette, Lousiana, to purchase a Samsung tablet for herself. Little did she expect what surprise awaited her. When she entered the store, she noticed a tall, big man walking next to her. It turned out to be Shaquille O’Neal and Lewis rejoiced.

Shaq was inquiring about the latest Galaxy Z Flip phone and Lewis expressed her thoughts about getting one. Shaq surprised her by telling the store employee, “Get two: one for me and one for her.”

She initially asked Shaq for a photo to which he replied, “Absolutely”, but it turned out that she received more than just a photo, a $999 smartphone ($1200). Lewis is very grateful for this gift from Shaq and as for Shaq, he has been doing this kind of stuff for years.

Shaq’s history of giving back to the community

Shaquille O’Neal has been a socially responsible man and has given back to the community a lot of times. He supports many charities and funds, that deal with significant problems in the society. He is not only a man of big size but with a big heart as well. Shaq even once bought engagement rings for a couple as a congratulatory gesture.

Shaquille O'Neal
Credits: Kquoella Lewis

He has actively donated to charities like Free the Children, Boys & Girls Club of America, Kids Wish Network, and many more. This goes to show what a kind and humble man Shaquille is, and how much respect he has for his fellow humans and the society.

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