Anthony Joshua and KSI claims Deji to beat Jake Paul in rematch with one caveat

Anthony Joshua and YouTuber turned boxer KSI have placed their bets on YouTuber turned boxer Deji if there is to be a rematch between Deji and the younger Paul brother, Jake Paul. Jake Paul and Deji shared the boxing ring back in 2018.

The bout between the two was their first-ever boxing match, and Paul emerged victorious with a technical knockout in the 5th round. Joshua and JJ Olatunji, also known as KSI, have backed Deji for the rematch, but there’s a condition.

Anthony Joshua and KSI claims Deji to beat Jake Paul in rematch

Anthony Joshua and KSI will place all of their money if the rematch between Deji and Jake Paul is to happen. In a recent episode of Cap or No Cap on DAZN ahead of KSI and Tommy Fury bout, AJ completely agreed that Deji would emerge as the victor in the rematch.

However, it was Deji’s brother KSI who was a little hesitant about rooting for his brother. KSI mentioned the weight difference between Paul and Deji, which favors Paul. However, KSI further stated that Deji’s technique, stamina, and power would outclass Jake Paul.

Deji has come a long way since his boxing debut back in 2018. The YouTuber turned boxer has not had a great start to his boxing career as he has had a few defeats, and it has been argued that he hasn’t trained enough in the build-up to these fights.

Deji, with a record of 1-4-0, has suffered defeats against Jake Paul, Vinnie Hacker, Alex Wassabi, and Floyd Mayweather. His only win came against FouseyTube, but the YouTuber turned boxer has also managed to share the ring with Floyd Mayweather, so that is quite an achievement.

Anthony Joshua mocks KSI’s anime speech while discussing Tyson Fury in MMA

When asked by the interviewer who would win among Tyson Fury and Francis Ngannou in their boxing bout in Riyadh, KSI, and Joshua both agreed that Tyson Fury would win in the boxing match.

The interviewer then asked both the participants how long do they think Tyson Fury would last in the MMA ring. KSI replied that Fury would get “Destroyed” and “Obliterated” in the Octagon. AJ repeated KSI’s answer in an attempt to mock and make fun of the way the YouTuber turned boxer answered. Both fighters laughed it out and shared a funny moment.

Anthony Joshua’s next fight is likely to be against Tyson Fury or Deontay Wilder. However, there are fewer chances of Joshua fighting Fury because of Fury’s busy schedule. After the bout with Francis Ngannou, Fury is set to fight Oleksandr Usyk. Tell us in the comments your thoughts on who should Anthony Joshua’s next opponent be.


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