KSI faces severe backlash ahead of Tommy Fury fight by posting controversial post with Dillion Danis, Bryce Hall ganging up on the YouTuber-turn-boxer

Famous youtuber turned boxer KSI whose stage name stands for Knowledge, strength and integrity is all set to fight professional boxer tommy fury in the boxing ring on October 14th at Manchester, England. Both KSI and Tommy Fury are prominent and experienced fighters.

Both the athletes have been involved in multiple controversies for the past 4 years. They have called out each other on multiple occasions but all of that didn`t turn into something concrete. 

This dispute began when KSI defeated youtuber Logan Paul in November 2019, to which Tommy Fury called out KSI for a bout but the former declined as he wanted to focus on his music career.

KSI lands in hot water with recent Twitter post

KSI is known for his trash talking and disrespectful attitude towards his opponents. The youtuber turned boxer has been banned multiple times from social media over offensive remarks.

KSI has welcomed some trouble to himself after he tweeted a video of a disabled individual and quoting “Can’t lie, Tommy Fury has never looked better”, while some KSI fans might find this funny, this controversial tweet has created some turbulence.

The tweet made by KSI had mixed responses. Some fans were found taking his side and defending him on the platform by saying “the world has gone too soft”, while the rival fans didn’t take much time in shunning the Youtuber turned Boxer.

One fan had this to say “Making fun of someone’s appearance is not cool bro.”

Dillion Danis, Bryce Hall blast the YouTuber-turn-boxer

Dillon Danis and Bryce Hall were quick to get their hands washed in the controversy. There have been various controversies that have roused between this group, but this particular kerfuffle has witnessed some rift in them. Owing to that, they have called out the Brit for his actions. 

Bryce Hall tweeted “KSI using a disabled person as promo for his fight is just another reason this man needs a good wake up call.”

Bryce Hall wasn`t the only one who wanted some part of the action, Dillon Danis who was supposed to fight KSI back in January 2023 but backed out of the fight at the last moment also tweeted “Using a disabled person for your punch line on a joke fuck you pussy.”

KSI aka Olajide Olatunji and Tommy Fury are set to touch gloves on October 14th in Manchester, England. Will you be tuning in? Who will you be rooting for? Share with us in the comments!


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