UFC boss Dana White throws subtle dig at Elon Musk’s fight proposal: “Elon’s Hilarious”

Elon Musk has often stood out from many of his billionaire peers not for his massive ventures, but rather for his relatively down-to-earth nature and willingness to engage with netizens online. At times there were some rumblings about Elon taking on Meta CEO Mark Zuckerburg which were seen as fantasy matchups at best.

However, Musk seemingly took the idea seriously and straight up asked Mark to fight him in the cage to which Zuck agreed readily. Before this public callout, it was barely known that Mark had past experience training Jiu-Jiutsu. It later came to notice that Zuckerberg has actually participated in a BJJ tournament before and also managed to win the gold medal in the No-Gi Master 1 White Belt Feather Weight Division along with a silver medal in the Gi division.

After the actual fight talks commenced, UFC president Dana White came forward with the proposal to host the event, which later fell through.

Dana White skeptical of Elon Musk’s fight ideas

Dana White recently had an interview with TMZ Sports. In that interview, he talked about how Zuckerberg is indeed interested in fighting, “He (Zuckerberg) takes the sport very seriously. He trains very hard, and he is very serious about possibly competing someday.”

The UFC head honcho also took a dig at the Tesla CEO by criticizing the state of arrangement, “And you know, that’s why he (Mark) didn’t want to be a part of something that, you know, kept being talked about and probably wouldn’t happen.” 

Dana White

Musk had actually invited Mark for a practice match in his backyard and Zuckerberg’s reply was, “There are tons of professional organizations out there, and this is the way that this should be done”. Mark looks dead serious about competing and he wants the fight to happen in a professional manner by following all the steps that are followed before a professional combat sports bout.

Musk announces ancient Rome ambiance and Meta livestream for upcoming bout

After fans all around the world were disappointed thinking that the fight might not ever happen, Elon put the gears into motion again with a few tweets on his social media account. Musk has previously revealed that he wants the fight to happen in Rome’s Colosseum

Roman Gladiators has frequently been a subject of study among fighters in a military, casual, and athletic sense. The “X” owner wanted to bring that grand feeling back again for the fans and even went on to speak with the appropriate authorities to which they allegedly said yes.

Recently, Musk tweeted that he is indeed training and “lifting weights all day”. He revealed some information about the fight as well, saying that it will be handled by both the fighters’ respective foundations and will be live-streamed on X (former Twitter) and Meta.

What is your take on this whole fight? Do you think it will actually happen? Will the idea of this fight wither away with time? Let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.


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