Is Jey Uso joining the Judgment Day? Exploring the possibilities following tumultuous RAW switch

After quitting appearance on wrestling TV for a short time, Jey Uso made his solo return to WWE on September 4th, when he was seen alongside Sami Zyan, an honorary member of the Bloodline. Jey and Sami will likely get along well on Jey’s new WWE trip since they both had significant roles in the bloodline story, but there is a chance that Jey may change his mind and become a part of Judgment Day.

They’re on the lookout for a star performer like Dominik Mysterio. The team didn’t extend an invitation to anybody else until Dominik. During last night’s exciting episode of Raw, Finn Balor once again approached the former right-hand of the tribal chief.

The Judgment Day trying to lure Jey Uso to the faction

After adding Jey Uso to the RAW roster, WWE is thinking of several interesting storylines for him, one of which might be his participation in Judgment Day. While criticizing WWE’s booking on RAW, Vince Russo pointed out how much time was spent on Jey Uso’s narrative and how he interacted with other superstars. Their battle against World Heavyweight Champion Seth Rollins has been mentioned as a possible main event for WrestleMania 40. 

Jey Uso

In addition, Jey Uso may get even with his cousin Roman Reign by joining Judgment Day, which might be a good fit for him if the group is actively seeking recruits. Dominik has already alluded to the possibility of a heel-versus-heel war between the Bloodline and Judgment Day. So, Jey should decide to join the group.

The leader of “The Judgement Day” has shown admiration for Jey’s ability. So, in the previous episode, he tried to convince one of the twins to join the group. On that night, Jey Uso and Kevin Ownes were defeated by Finn Balor and Damian Priest, validating their opponents’ suspicions about their strength. So, he could join the squad, where every member desperately wants to get their hands on the new red-brand wrestler.

WWE reportedly “extremely happy” with Jey Uso’s solo run

Jey Uso’s future in WWE as a solo performer seems bright. His character arc involves coming to terms with the results of his actions and working to regain the respect of his teammates. Some speculations are coming out that he might be drafted from the Red to Blue brand. If this happens, who gets sent to SmackDown in exchange for Jey Uso should be interesting. Following Jey Uso’s move to RAW, fans and media outlets have speculated that Cody Rhodes, KO, and Sami Zyan might be drafted to SmackDown. 

Jey Uso

However, these are just rumors and WWE has not confirmed any of this. These discussions are a relief to the official WWE when Jey began performing alone after leaving Bloodline. Despite widespread disapproval, they seem to be happy with Jey’s solo performance. Fans are wondering why WWE is going nuts since it’s just been two weeks and Jey hasn’t done anything spectacular. Fans have valid concerns as well; he did an excellent job as one-half of “The Usos”, but they were hoping for a major solo performance from him in the ring, which has yet to materialize.

Would you picture Jey Uso joining “The Judgement Day” to get even with Roman Reign for all he lost? Share your thoughts. 


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