Is LeBron James friends with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan? Exploring relationship between the three greats

From jealousy to pure brotherhood, every equation is possible among players of the same rank. When some experience a stressful, hostile relationship on the ground, others feel a passionate connection. And when it comes to the NBA, fans’ interests in the mutual connection of their favorite stars are always at the top.

LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, and Michael Jordan, this three are probably the ultimate legends of basketball and over the years, speculations concerning their mutual bond attained the position of a fiery topic among NBA fans.

So, through this article, let’s explore the mutual relationship of LeBron James with Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan and find out how they get along with each other.

What is the relationship between LeBron James and Kobe Bryant?

LeBron James

Both LeBron and Kobe are iconic players of the NBA and they had similarities in their achievements. They weren’t connected as family friends and anything else, but as fellow players, their mutual bond grew stronger over time.

Having mutual respect for each other is very important to enjoy a blessed friendship filled with love and the bros had that within them. Indeed, they never had many public appearances together but that had nothing to do with how they respected each other.

This is why the untimely departure of Kobe Bryant came as a great shock to James.

What is the relationship between James and Jordan?

King James may never have had an in-person bond with Michael Jordan but he idolizes him. The player mentioned several times that he grew up watching MJ play and he was James’s first inspiration.

There is more to the story; the Lakers player wore the #23 jersey of Jordan for a long span of his career which did marvels in terms of giving him inspiration and power to move forward.

Although they may not have a personal connection between them, whenever they caught glimpses of each other, their reaction melted the hearts of thousands of their followers.

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