Why did Lakers’ LeBron James lose his hair? Let’s take a look at NBA’s famous bald players

The new avatar of the basketball man is winning the hearts of many as Laker’s superstar LeBron James flaunting his bald look. Many think his move is justifiable as many of the legendary players have done that before, while some are speculating this might be due to the reactions from the hair transplant surgery.

Well, whatever the real reason is, King James is undoubtedly rocking his new look. And no wonder, watching him bald, many of his crazy fans will say goodbye to their hair as well.

So, amid the trending style of hairless head, let’s have a look at LeBron James’s hair transplant history and some of the prominent NBA stars who are bald too.

Did LeBron James go through hair transplant surgery?

The NBA star mentioned once that his hair means a lot to him and bears a significant portion of this on-court heroism. However, in terms of having surgeries, LeBron remained tight-lipped and never shared a word. But according to the aesthetic specialists, he must have had hair transplants more than once.

As athletes like him have to spend a larger part of their life under heavy light and camera, their hair follicles get damaged resulting in baldness and thin hair. So, having surgeries is the only option for some of them.

LeBron took the help of strip surgery on some sides of the head where the hair was extremely thin. This kind of surgery is very old and takes time to heal the scars.

The other type of surgery that he went through is Scalp micro-pigmentation. This one helps to fight against extreme baldness with the help of pigments used on the scalp.

Except for LeBron James who are the famous NBA bald players?

It is surprising to see that so many NBA legends are bald; some of them naturally while others intentionally.

Here comes the list of some of the bald NBA stars:

Kobe Bryant:

He wasn’t naturally bald. But as he shaved his hair most of the time during his tenure, the player was considered to be bald.

Kareem Abdul Jabbar:

The hairless head of the legend will remain evergreen in history with his six championships and nineteen All-Star teams.

Michael Jordan:

He had a remarkable NBA journey in his 15 seasons that came along five times MVP and more.

Shaquille O’Neal:

This man is another living legend who rocked the NBA court.

Vince Carter:

This dunking champion has his own indelible in the history of the NBA.

Who is your favorite bald player? Share your opinion in the comments.

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