Israel Adesanya sheds light on his “nightmare” experience after shocking defeat to Sean Strickland at UFC 293

Israel Adesanya lost his UFC middle weight title to Sean Strickland with a unanimous decision win for the new UFC middleweight champion Sean Strickland. The defeat of Adesanya at the hands of Sean Strickland is quoted as one of the biggest upsets in UFC history.

The Last Stylebender has broken his silence days after tasting defeat at the hands of Strickland. Izzy has shed some light on his devastating loss and says that it was a nightmare for him.

Israel Adesanya reflects on loss vs Sean Strickland

Israel Adesanya released a video on his YouTube channel in which the former UFC middleweight champion expressed his feelings and analyzed his loss to Strickland. Adesanya, when asked how he feels after one week of the fight, replied that he feels quietly confident, which is a good and positive reaction from the former champ.

Izzy further went on to say that he has rewatched the fight only once since his loss. Izzy wasn’t happy with his performance, and the Nigerian said that he watches the fight so that he can learn from them. Izzy claims to have a neutral or negative reaction to the fights he loses or even the ones he wins but isn’t satisfied with his performance.

According to Adesanya, it felt like a bad dream for the Nigerian inside the cage; he said it was “a lucid nightmare.” The fight for Izzy went “surprisingly fast,” and the former champion couldn’t even tell it was the fifth round already. Adesanya was impressed by Strickland’s performance; Izzy said the constant pressure applied by Strickland throughout the whole fight was the key factor in Strickland’s victory.

Izzy further went on to shed some light on Strickland’s defense throughout the fight and said it was unique and unorthodox. Israel Adesanya’s capabilities of landing his jab on the opponent’s chin are immaculate, but even Izzy struggled to find his jab against Strickland due to his good defense.

Israel Adesanya provides analysis of his bout vs Sean Strickland

Israel Adesanya further dropped an analysis of the fight from his perspective, when asked by the interviewer about the straight right hand from Strickland that dropped Izzy in the first round, Izzy had a hilarious response, “This nigga just dropped me,” said Izzy. Izzy, however, praised the straight right hand from Strickland that dropped him was clean and a nice shot.

Izzy put forward his opinion on how did the rest of the fight played out. Izzy said that when he entered the second round, he felt like he was losing the fight. Adesanya’s hand felt like powerless to him like “Noodles,” he said.

Later in the interview Adesanya went on to praise the performance of his City kickboxing club.Tell us in the comment section your thoughts on Sean Strickland performance against Israel Adesanya, if there is to be a rematch, who do you think will emerge as victor?


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