“It should stay behind closed doors” Blazers’ PG Damian Lillard rips Warriors leak of Draymond Green punch footage, accuses Jordan Poole of being instigator

Portland Blazer’s point guard Damian Lillard recently expressed his disappointment over the leaked video of altercation between Draymond Green and Jordan Poole in his latest media availability. Even though most of the reactions upon watching the video was about the violent act of Green, Lillard however, is seeing the whole thing from a completely different perspective.

How Blazers’ PG evaluating the incident?

Any occurrences that occur within the team’s perimeter should be kept confidential according to Lillard.  “But it should stay behind closed doors. So I thought the fact that video came out was wrong.” Blazer’s point guard believes if an internal issue goes out on public, it creates more pressure on the team to handle the situation than it should have in the first place. “It should be handled correctly,” he said.

Also, situation like this happens quite often between teammates as per Lillard. Damian himself has quite a bit of experience on this obviously. “When you spend as much time with your teammates as we do, you want it to be positive and you want it to be respectful,” Saturday at his media availability, the Oakland native and Blazers star told the reporters.

“But I’d be lying if I said there hasn’t been a lot of heated moments that I’ve seen in my career. I’m sure it happens in every locker room.”

Green made his first comment on the incident few days back saying “If I’m being 100% honest, I thought it was bulls–t,”

“No other video leaked from practice. When we’re working on our sets they don’t leak. When I’m coaching everyone up that doesn’t leak. So, I thought it was bulls–t that the video leaked.”

Following the incident last Wednesday, Green is now taking a short break from the team. As the Warriors are only two weeks away from the commencement of their regular season, it will be difficult for them to put all this behind and start fresh.


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