“It’s that Spirit of competition”: “Henry Cejudo opens up on why he retired and his comeback plans to MMA

In the Ultimate Fighting Championship, this year will undoubtedly be the year of the returning champions. Light heavyweight kingpin Jon Jones returned to win the heavyweight title. Former two-division champion Conor McGregor is also scheduled to return in September. Now double champ Henry Cejudo is also set to return to the octagon after a three year’s interval. 

The former flyweight and bantamweight champion will be facing Aljamain Sterling to reclaim his bantamweight title on May 7 in the main event of UFC 288 at the Prudential Center in Newark, New Jersey. 

Why did Henry Cejudo think about retiring?

In UFC 249, Henry won over Dominick Cruz to retain his bantamweight title, which was the last time MMA fans saw him in action. Prior to making a comeback, the double champ gave a detailed explanation of his early retirement on YouTube.

“When you’ve accomplished everything, you know what you want to do? You want to relax and enjoy it. You’re bored. You’re like, what’s next? Why do I have to deal with this pressure of fighting, or why do I have to take an elbow, knee, and all of that,” Cejudo said.

Cejudo is not just a successful mixed martial artist but also an Olympic gold medalist. The American fighter achieved pretty much all a fighter could hope for throughout his decade long career in mixed martial arts. Which is probably the reason why he lost the drive to win. 

“Guys, it’s plain and simple. People, at times, they need that time to rekindle the love of competition. To me, it wasn’t necessarily the sport, but just having the drive, having that chip. ” Cejudo added. 

What is forcing Cejudo to change his mind about making a comeback?

‘The Messenger’ won the flyweight title in 2018 defeating Demetrious Johnson. Just a few months later, Henry had defeated TJ Dillashaw to win the bantamweight title which he later went to retain for two years. What motivation could there possibly be to return and add new accomplishments to a career that has already received so much acclaim? 

“It’s more of me rekindling my love for the game, for the love of the competition, and then doing it. I’m not just done with Aljamain. My overall goal, and I’ll say it again, is to go up to 145 pounds and do something that nobody has ever done.”

Henry’s desire for success is still burning brightly. The American fighter appears to be more motivated than ever to succeed. Furthermore a slight indication to step up to 145 pounds suggests he is coming for the featherweight title as well.

Will Alexander ‘The Great’ Volkanovski allow The Messenger to invade his kingdom? Only time will say but before that don’t forget to share your opinions regarding Henry Cejudo with us. 


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