“Izzy what the hell man”: Fans stunned as UFC champ Israel Adesanya shares s*xual content on Twitter

Israel Adesanya just defeated Alex Pereira to win back his lost title. Without a doubt, the middleweight champion should now celebrate his impressive victory. But is Izzy taking advantage of his time a little too much? The Last Stylebender effectively irritated a significant number of his followers by sending out an inappropriate tweet, therefore the question is pertinent.

The fifth pound-for-pound fighter and the Brazilian fighter competed for the middleweight title in the main event of UFC 287, which took place at the Miami-Dade Arena in Miami, Florida. Following defeats in kickboxing and MMA, Izzy finally exacted revenge on Pereira, his greatest adversary, which certainly put the Nigeria-born fighter on cloud nine.

What were the reactions of fans and followers of Israel Adesanya and his improper tweet?

All MMA fans are aware of Adesanya’s passion for Japanese anime and cartoons. The middleweight boxing champion is covered in so many tattoos that express his love for various anime characters.

The Last Stylebender appears to have offended many of his devoted fans this time around since they weren’t prepared for the sexually explicit post that Izzy shared yesterday. 

Oliver seems to be clueless as he said, “Big fan Izzy but what hell is this post.”

Sami Lappalailen expressed his frustration at the meme saying, “Wait, what. Dude, i like you a lot, but you just ruined my childhood.” 

“Izzy remember the sabbath day and keep it holy,” said Norah

Another user is finding it hard to be a fan of Izzy as he said, “You make it hard to be a fan sometimes.”

Amir is as embarrassed as plenty of other followers of Adesanya as he said, “Could’ve gone the rest of my life without seeing this, thanks Izzy (33 y/old).” 

“You got everyone in a twist with this one,” said Jett R. 

Looks like Chukwuma Stanley Nweke speaks for everyone when he says, “Still trying to make a sense of this tweet.” 

“Defending u gets harder and harder every day.” said another fan. 

Christian Bogans is as surprised as thousands of fans as he said, “Honestly never expected you to post something funny like thank you.”

What do you think of Israel Adesanya’s tweet? Do you feel that his fan base would find it a little inappropriate? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section. 

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