J.R Smith’s marijuana abuse back making headlines after NBA inks latest collective bargaining agreement

The career of J.R. Smith in the NBA has been marred by controversies, and one of the most notable ones is his struggle with marijuana abuse.

His story is not just about the highs and lows of a talented athlete, but also a reflection on how fame and fortune can lead to personal challenges. With the NBA recently signing a new collective bargaining agreement that no longer classifies marijuana as an illegal substance, it’s time to look back at J.R. Smith’s story and what it means for the league today.

How did the NBA’s stance on marijuana affect J.R. Smith’s image and career?

J.R. Smith’s marijuana use was not only a problem for him personally, but it also reflected the league’s stance on the drug. Back then, marijuana was banned in almost every city and state, and sports organizations like the NBA were no exception. They held their athletes to high standards, expecting them to be prime examples for their audience. In 2013, Smith was suspended for five games due to his marijuana use, further delaying his return to the court after undergoing knee surgery.

The NBA’s strict anti-drug policy, combined with Smith’s suspension, led to significant backlash from his peers and the public. He was labeled as a bad athlete and struggled to shake off this negative image throughout his career. However, times have changed, and the league has evolved in its approach to marijuana use.

The NBA recently announced a 7-year agreement that no longer classifies marijuana as an illegal substance. This change in policy represents a more lenient approach towards the drug and acknowledges the shifting societal attitudes towards marijuana. With this new agreement in place, one may wonder how J.R. Smith’s story might have been different had these changes been implemented earlier in his career.

How has J.R. Smith turned his life around since leaving the NBA?

Despite the controversies that plagued his NBA career, J.R. Smith has been working on getting his life back on track. He is now attending college at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University and has started a career in golf. His journey serves as a reminder that even those who have struggled with fame and personal issues can find a way to reinvent themselves and build a better future.

J.R Smith

J.R. Smith’s marijuana abuse and the NBA’s evolving stance on the drug offer valuable insights into the challenges faced by professional athletes and the importance of adapting to changing societal norms. While Smith’s story serves as a cautionary tale, his recent endeavors also provide hope for personal growth and redemption.


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