Jake Paul claims MMA and Boxing showdown against Muhammad Ali’s Grandsons despite major drawback in size

Jake Paul, who transitioned from a YouTuber to a boxer, acknowledged that he would consider competing against Biaggio Ali Walsh in MMA and Nico Ali Walsh in boxing. Even though there is a significant disparity in size between the two fighters.

The possibility of a two-fight contract has been raised by Jake. Which would involve him competing in both MMA and boxing against the grandsons of Muhammad Ali.

After experiencing his initial loss as a professional boxer to reality TV personality Tommy Fury in February. Former YouTuber and now boxer Jake Paul has been encouraged to make his MMA debut later this year.

Jake Paul

‘The Problem Child’ may have already found his first rival in Biaggio Ali Walsh, the grandson of Muhammad Ali. Furthermore, Paul has expressed his interest in a match against Biaggio’s sibling, Nico.

Nico has an unblemished professional record in boxing, having won eight fights, five of which were by knockout. On the other hand, Biaggio has a record of 3-1 as an amateur in MMA.

During a recent watch-along event for PFL 2 in Las Vegas, Paul was queried about the possibility of competing against both brothers in both MMA and boxing. To this, he replied, “Just erase them all, I’m down.”

Jake Paul
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Jake Paul dabbles in MMA and Boxing

On Friday night, Biaggio secured his second victory for the PFL by defeating Isaiah Figueroa in under two minutes with a knockout. In response to Paul’s remarks, the grandson of Muhammad Ali advised him to battle an opponent who is of a similar size.

Pointing out that Nico fights in the 162lb category and he himself competes in the 155lb category. Biaggio stated that he has no issues with Jake Paul, but he should consider fighting someone who is of similar size and weight as him.

“I don’t know why he is trying to fight people smaller than him. He fought at cruiserweight in boxing so fight at the same weight in MMA. He’s a lot bigger than me, I don’t know why he’s trying to fight someone smaller than him. Fight someone your own size, I don’t understand it.”

Nico was present at Biaggio’s match in Las Vegas, but he did not seem enthusiastic about the prospect of facing Jake in a fight. When asked about Paul’s comments.

Nico responded by saying, “I didn’t know he said that, that’s amusing. I have been asked about this several times. But currently, I am not interested in that. I am focused on building a career in boxing, carrying forward my grandfather’s legacy, and creating my own path in the sport.”

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