Who is Jake Paul’s dad Gregory Allan Paul? A controversial figure happens to be a trash talker’s dad

Jake and Logan Paul are two of the most popular celebrities on the planet! Whatever the Ohio natives touch effectively turns into gold. The brothers have succeeded in several different genres such as Vine, YouTube, and Boxing. But behind their success is one man, Gregory Allan Paul.

Logan and Jake Paul were born to Gregory Allen Paul and Pamela Ann Stepnick. Gregory was a small-time business owner before following his sons on to the world of Youtube and Vine. Greg Paul has a good relationship with both of his sons but is separated from his ex wife Pamela. Greg Paul has had his fair share of controversies much like his offspring.

The Paul children lived a sustainable suburban life in Ohio and were a typical American middle-class family before successful vine careers changed the family’s lives forever! The man behind the Paul brother’s comfortable life was the Paul family patriarch Greg Paul.

Who is Jake Paul Dad Gregory Allan Paul?

Gregory Allan Paul was born on October 28, 1963. Born and raised in Westlake, Ohio. Greg Paul decided to create his own Vine and Instagram account soon after his sons Logan and Jake became popular on social media. Within a few years’ time, he became quite famous on Instagram—thanks to the popularity of his sons.

Greg Allan Paul was a licensed roofer and realtor through he supported his whole family. He only found fame and fortune at the behest of his sons, Who became internet sensations in the mid-2010s. Allan Paul also opened his very own YouTube channel with more than one-hundred fifty thousand followers.

Greg Paul posts about his sons and their relationship as a family. He even went on his elder son’s podcast, “Impaulsive” to talk about his life:

What Gregory Allan Paul currently does?

Greg Paul was a roofer and realtor for most of his career but is now a successful Youtuber in his own right. He has dedicated his life to vlogging his adventures. But he audited incomes for his sons, early on in Jake and Logan’s online careers.

Most of his lifetime earnings are coming from his Youtube and online presence. But Greg Paul has caused a lot of stir and controversies throughout his later life, after divorcing his long-time wife.

Jake Paul Dad
Gregory Allan Paul and his young family.

What is Gregory Allan Paul net worth?

Gregory Allan Paul gained celebrity status later on during his lifetime. The numbers for his earlier ventures could not be verified. But his online career has propelled him to millionaire status.

Gregory’s net worth could be estimated to be around $5 million dollars courtesy of his multimillionaire sons and a lifetime of owning a realtor’s business.

Gregory Allan Paul’s impact on Jake’s career

Gregory Allan Paul had full custody of Jake and Logan after he separated from their mother. Allan Paul raised his sons and tried to instill a rock-solid work ethic into them. Jake and Logan were made to clean up abandoned houses in order to support their dad financially.

But Allan Paul’s struggles and guidance clearly worked out for Jake and his brother, making them very successful individuals and far removed from cleaning dirty houses. Gregory Allan Paul had a massive impact on the lives of both the Paul brothers.

Gregory Allan Paul controversies throughout life

Jake Paul Dad
Gregory Allan Paul was slammed by the internet for tricking a young into kissing him on camera.

Gregory Allan Paul has had a fair share of controversies throughout his life. Greg faced brutal bashing and pushback from the internet after a private video leaked online. He was alleged to be involved with underage girls in that video. It still remains a mystery as to if it truly was Greg Paul in that video.

Another major controversy arose when Greg Allan Paul kissed a very young girl by tricking her. This video was for his younger son Jake’s YouTube channel. The backlash from this video was immense due to the controversial acts performed.


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