Jake Paul maintains his hopes of winning a world championship by claiming to fight Canelo Alvarez in the future

Jake Paul and his future plans have never been hidden from his side. The influencer-turned-boxer has already made a mark in the boxing ring after winning seven fights in eight bouts, five of those coming against UFC veteran fighters.

Paul is set to face André August this weekend for the first time in a pay-per-view bout in his professional boxing career. Jake is looking for something big in boxing that can set a milestone in the boxing community. Despite coming from a non-boxing background, “Problem Child” is getting ready to create some chaos.

Jake Paul claims to fight Canelo Alvarez in the future

Paul is in search of boxing gold this time. Not caring about the outcome this time with a champion’s mindset, he is already in the spotlight. After eight fights in boxing, Paul has already made a big statement, comparing himself to UFC star Conor McGregor. And there is a reason why he isn’t looking to promote the upcoming event and believes the viewer’s outcome will still be in his favor.

26-year-old Canelo Alvarez is his target for the WBC gold belt. “Problem Child” recently had an interview with MMA Hour where he discussed his future plans. “I think the path that I’m on now tees me up in the future to fight Canelo.”

He also explained the reason why he could be a potential opponent of Alvarez. “It’s even just showing him that I can go 10 or 12 rounds with you; [that] I’ve done that with real, legitimate pro boxers and beat them. So when I beat these guys in a year or two to come and continue to raise the level of opposition, I think me vs. Canelo becomes a really interesting fight and something that a lot of people would be like, ‘Oh, Jake’s going to get destroyed.”

Jake Paul later compared this scenario with the Francis Ngannou and Tyson Fury boxing showdown.

Jake Paul wants to be a boxing world champion

Paul has been competing since 2023, fighting with former champions. The 26-year-old cleared the reasons behind his ambitious mindset, “It’s mostly for me, for my experience, for my road to the world championship, and to grow inside the squared circle, those four corners.”

The influencer turned boxer explained, “It’s no longer about business and making all this money. I’ve already generated $250 million to $200 million in pay-per-view sales. We’ve done that. Great. Congratulations. This is about real boxing now.”

Andre August’s fight is the way to get Jake Paul on the actual professional boxing path. This fight already got predictions from KSI. But Jake is having faith that his fan and viewer numbers will be higher than his actual PPV bouts.

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