Jake Paul’s “drunken tweet” theory proven wrong by Eddie Hearn following Conor McGregor’s involvement in Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano 2

The combat sports world seems to feed off controversy just as it feeds off actual fighting events. When Katie Taylor wanted to settle her scores against Amanda Cerrano in Croke Park, the estimated cost shocked them and Conor McGregor decided to step in. But Jake Paul gave a theory that ‘Mystic Mac’ was drunk.

The ‘Notorious’ wrote in a Tweet, “The extra security bill is 500k to have Katie Taylor fight at Croke Park? I will sponsor the event to see this happen.”

Katie’s promoter, Eddie hearn wanted to take this conversation inside the DM’s while Jake Paul shot a theory that Conor was out there drunk tweeting again. For those who don’t know, McGregor is well known for tweeting in an intoxicated state. While his usual tweets in such a state usually involve people getting insulted, this time it would’ve been an exception.

Jake went on to say,

“I think it’s awesome that he would want to do that, and it only makes the fight bigger if he gets involved on Katie Taylor’s side, rooting for her. I think it’s great but behind the scenes, I don’t know if there’s been any progress with him actually doing that. I think it might have just been a drunken tweet of his that he likes to do, but hopefully, he was being serious.”

Now Eddie has posted a picture of him at one of McGregor’s pubs where discussions regarding the fight probably took place.

Why does Conor McGregor want to sponsor the Amanda Serrano vs Katie Taylor fight?

For those who keep up with the news, McGregor has been in a lot of legal trouble lately owing to his behavior. He is accused of beating up a woman on his yacht. All that he’s doing right now, could be an attempt to divert negative press of him and win some credibility back amongst fans.

Why do you think Conor wants to sponsor this fight?


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